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Wisker Biscuit vs MZE

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Wisker Biscuit vs MZE

Old 09-12-2002, 06:05 AM
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Default Wisker Biscuit vs MZE

I know this has somewhat been beat to death, but hopefully, this question is a little bit different.

Which of the two are the more forgiving for a new bow hunter. I now have the biscuit and yes it is heck on vanes but I like the fact that Mr. Murphy cannot impact me quite as much.

I am taking my bow to the shop tomorrow to double check everything before hunting next week. He is a big fan of the mze and told me that my groups will be better with it.

So what about you folks that have used both. I have read where folks have switched from the biscuit to mze or other fall aways but don't recall someone switching from a fall away to the WB.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Although I a little close to my first bow hunt to switch. I am shooting a Hoyt Cybertec, if that is revelant to the forgiveness.
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Old 09-12-2002, 07:08 AM
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Default RE: Wisker Biscuit vs MZE

Not to add confusion to your situation, but....
I recently put a NAP Quicktune 4000 on my bow (Martin Jaguar Mag)and after a little tweaking to get it set up just right, it is downright awsome. I can turn my bow 90 degrees to either side and the arrow sits tight; it is sooooo far out of the way by the time the fletching passes over it; and it is infinitely adjustable. Not to mention that its absolutely silent. (set up took about 30min to get it perfect) I was also looking at the MZE, but both shops in my area had them in stock and pleaded with me not to put them on my bow.

Whatever your decision, make sure that it is made based on your needs and not the fact that the shop owner is trying to unload the most expensive rest in his inventory. You should definitely get rid of the WB though....I hate those things and have never ever shot even one arrow through them?!?

Just my .02
P.S.- Welcome aboard

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Default RE: Wisker Biscuit vs MZE

I shot the WB last year killed deer with it. It is a good rest and is accurate enough to take deer with. got tired of fixing fletchings though, so this spring off came the biscut and on went the Muzzy Zero effect. I'm more accurate with it and only have to fix fletchings when I shoot em to tight. Got it on a havoctec bow. which is my primary hunting bow.

with that said: if I have to breakout my target bow for a back up (rival pro) then off comes the trophey taker rest as I won't hunt a prong or that style tounge rest. the arrow has a bad habit of jumping off of those style rests right when I don't want them too. On goes the biscuit. I find it easy to tune and can have it dialed in with just a few shots. So the biscuit is my back up rest you might say.....

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Default RE: Wisker Biscuit vs MZE

Both are complete opposites but both perform well. One is no contact rest the other is full contact rest. I personally shoot a WB modified to load like a normal rest. Like you said I eliminated a few of Murphy's principles with this rest.

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Default RE: Wisker Biscuit vs MZE

cpa -

These are two extremely popular yet vastly different rests. One rest makes contact with the arrow its entire path off the string while the other makes little to no contact with the arrow after it leaves the string. I have never shot the WB but I know people who shoot and love it. I also know people who didn't like it and have switched to other rests. I personally shoot the MZE. I went to the ZE from a traditional shoot through rest. My groups have improved tremendously. My left/right misses have disappeared. For me, it was money well spent. That is not to say the there are not other fall away rest that are also good (the NAP and GK mirage have had favorable response on this board). I researched it and went with the MZE.

IMHO, for the average archer a fall away rest will provide superior accuracy. The rest drops away from the arrow at the shot eliminating fletching contact. In addition, IMO these rests will be more tolerant of small form errors.

Good Luck in your choice!!
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Wisker Biscuit vs MZE

cpahunter, if you are looking for an ultra smooth & forgiving rest I would take a real serious look at the Golden Key Mirage. It is simple, sets up fast, works great, and works on just about any bow out there. It is also a lot cheaper than the MZE and a lot easier on vanes than the WB.

It took me a while to appreciate the drop aways & I fought trying one just because I don't like to change much. Let me tell you the Mirage is great, I love it. It is just about perfect for the hunter who wants to be able to shoot a hard helical on carbon shafts. It is one of the coolest rests I have seen in a long long time.

It is well worth checking out. Go to http://www.goldenkeyarchery.com/ and take a close look. I'll also attach it so you can take a look at it here.
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Default RE: Wisker Biscuit vs MZE

cpahunter I forgot to mention the other rest that does everything the WB will do plus it does no damage to you fletching and is easy to tune. check out the Golden Key Shoot Out rest. here is a picture of it.
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Default RE: Wisker Biscuit vs MZE

CPA,how many shots are you going to take in the course of a hunting season?Couple at deer and some practise shots.I shoot the biscuit. I just came in from shooting with my Muzzy 4 blades and put all my shots into the vitals of my back yard buck.I got nothing against any other rest but for the money and being very practical the biscuit will stay on my bow.As far as tearing fletchings and vanes up.I tear more up by hitting them with the other arrows than by the bristles.I quess the bottom line for me is that the biscuit does exactly what I want it to do for a hunting rest.If I want to shoot nocs off maybe I'll go with something different.Ron
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Default RE: Wisker Biscuit vs MZE

<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote<font size=1 face='Verdana, Arial, Helvetica' id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote> You should definitely get rid of the WB though....I hate those things and have never ever shot even one arrow through them?!?
<hr height=1 noshade id=quote></BLOCKQUOTE id=quote></font id=quote><font face='Verdana, Arial, Helvetica' size=2 id=quote>

Hmmmm! I always have trouble giving an opinion on something I've never shot.

Myself, I shot my WB way over 10,000 shots with no problems. My groups are 3-4&quot; at 40 yards. I can't imagine any other rest making them much better. If you use the right vanes and the right glue, the rest is not hard on the vanes at all. I have modified mine by trimming the back and cutting notches in it, but I know many who have done no modifications and love it.

Positives - your arrow will not fall off the rest, for any reason, ever. You draw back and never have to worry about anything, but hitting your target. There are no moving parts, no springs, cords, or other stuff that can fail or get torn off. You will not wear off teflon tips. You do not have to worry about prong movement or spring tension. All you do, is adjust center shot, nock height and bow draw weight to match your arrow spine, and then watch it throw darts at the target with no further adjustment or wear for the next couple of years - minimum.

Negatives - You may not be able to see your arrow tip, so shooting without sights could be difficult. It may be minutely less accurate, but if it is, I cannot detect it. It can be hard on fletchng if you are using the wrong type or the wrong glue. On some carbons, you can hear a barely audible hiss when drawing. With most arrow types, it is completely silent.

This is not a target shooter's rest. It is designed to be totally reliable in any hunting situation and I believe it succeeds admirably.

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