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Old 05-17-2004, 09:36 PM
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ok guys which would you reccomend for a all around bow for deer hunting.i have a 27 1/2 in draw.i really loved the way the justice and liberty felt at full draw.very smooth and quite.i want something i can shoot all day and hold steady.i thought the justice was a little easier to draw than the liberty.i know the draw cycle on the patriot is a little tough at first but it breaks over quick and had a really good feel at the wall.i dont know much about the dually or the mighty mite.ido you feel that the freedom cam would be better for hunting than the infinity cam for overall cold weather conditions and having to hold for a period of time at full draw.i woul like to shot around 260 fps.with my draw do you think i can shoot goldtip 5575s or easton epic 400s at 27 in to get that kind of speed with the freedom cam at you think the 3555s would be to light with a 100 gr not concerned with great speed for i have a diamond gladiator that is pushing 275.what do think!how is the freedom cam compare to the infinity cam as far as adj draw length.
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I wuold have to say the liberty. Its so smooth and comfortable, even though its not a speed demon. But, your not really lookin for speed if its just a huntin bow. Id go with it, my second choice would be the patriot if your wanting some more umph behind the arrow.
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Goldtip45,I shoot a Justice with a 27" draw length at 70lbs.With a 350 grain goldtip 55/75 it shoots 261fps.With a 370 grain goldtip 55/75 it shoots 253fps.I have to agree with hunter9022 that the liberty and justice are not speed demons when compared to the patriot,extreme or mighty mite but they are by far some of the smoothest shootin bows on the market.If you want a smooth drawing bow you can shoot all day and still hold steady like you said go with the liberty or justice you won't be disappointed with either one.I had a hard time deciding between the 2 myself.I just liked the shorter axle to axle justice better for a great treestand and stalking bow.I love mine.
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I just recenty had the chance to shoot the Justice and I'll say this, it's THE shortest bow I've ever tried but was totally blown away with the accuracy I was getting even out to 50 yards. I'll have one of these little bows for turkey and javelina hunting next year for sure. I'm a big Dually fan with the speeds and accuracy they produce, but the Liberty, Justice and Pro 40 Freedom series of bows are just effortless to shoot accurately. Good luck with your choice!!
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it was easier buying a new truck than it is buying another bowdo you think that the 5 ro 6 ft per second and additional money is worth spending on a liberty you think the additional 1/2 in brace height would make that much difference with my craw length
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ok guys its about 2 in the morning and i should craw to bed.sorry about that craw instead of draw[8D]
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If you don't want to give up speed, ask your dealer to install a new cable slide on the Patriot before making your decision. As has been confirmed by myself and others, the Alpine slide makes the draw cycle noticably smoother. The Patriot is also a tad shorter overall than the Liberty (when considering the wheel diameters) so it may be a little better for tree stand hunting.
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It really depends on which is most important to you.

1. Smoother draw
2. A little more speed
3. Compactness (if that is a word )

I opted for the Liberty for the smooter draw of the Freedom cam, and a little longer AtoA was a little more steady for me. And it had a few more fps than the Justice and only 10-15 fps less than the Pat. The best of both worlds IMO!

And Frtitz is right. No matter which model you go with, ditch the stock slide and get a good after market teflon like the alpine.
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Default RE: bowtech delimma

Either one of these bow's would be great ,I have the 04 Patriot Dually and wouldn't trade it for anything although I'll be looking to add either the Justice or the Liberty to my line next season.

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Default RE: bowtech delimma

I'm shooting the Justice, I also have a Extreme Solo and Tech 29, have shot the all the Bowtech models. I have had a couple of months of shooting the Justice and with my feelings it should be excellent for hunting and remember accurate shots mean much over speed. I think it should be no problem to handle this bow during cold weather and extreme hunting conditions- it is forgiving for the size.
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