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fighting bow up

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Default fighting bow up

when i shoot my bow it seems like i am having to fight it to pull up to bulls eyes. i think i need to loosen either the top or bottom limb. any suggestions.
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Default RE: fighting bow up

Firstly welcome to the board.

I would dare say you have a touch of target panic.

I dont raise my pin to the target I lower it Its better to let gravity help you and not work against you
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Default RE: fighting bow up

I agree, sounds like target panic is creeping in on you. Get a grip on it now if you can. Try lowering your pin to the target. If you still have problems, you' ve got the curse.
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Default RE: fighting bow up

I refuse to automatically holler ' TARGET PANIC' every time someone has this problem. It might very well be. It might very well be equipment related too.

First, how heavy of a stabilizer are you using? If it' s so heavy the bow feels like it' s always wanting to tip forward, that could be part of it. Lighten up! On some bows that are naturally top heavy, you might even need to mount a counterbalance on the belly side of the riser.

When you draw your bow straight back with a loose grip, does it feel like the bow is pulling down instead of pulling evenly? If so, back off on the bottom limb bolt until it pulls evenly, top and bottom, and stays level in your hand throughout the draw.

I also like coming down on the spot, but that doesn' t mean you have to sky draw the bow. Draw straight back, raise the pin over the dot and then ease down into it.

Good luck!
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Default RE: fighting bow up

Uh, correct me if I' m wrong. Isn' t the bow SUPPOSED to tip forward? Every target archer I' ve ever met (including numerous 3-D and indoor National Champions) have always had the bow tip forward upon release. That' s the way mine are set up, and I' ve shot them that way for the past 18 years without having any problems.
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Default RE: fighting bow up

But do you have your bows weighted so much that you have to wrestle the darn things to hold in the spot? I' d guess not.

I set my bows up to roll forward too, when I' m target shooting. Slowly and in control though, not like a drunk falling off a curb.

There is no way I' d hunt with a bow set up like that though. I want my hunting setups balanced where they sit still in my hand at the shot. I don' t want any movement that could spook the animal into running till he drops. The shorter and thicker the blood trail, the better I like it.
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Default RE: fighting bow up

Though it' s hard to say without seeing you shoot, I don' t think tiller tuning would help a whole lot. I also don' t want to come right out and say Target Panic, though it' s possible. Check your draw length. If your draw is too long you could be over extending your arm, which could make it hard to bring the arm up high enough. Are you able to aim steady when not trying to aim at a target? If not, draw length could be a problem. If you' re solid when not " trying" to aim, something else might want to be checked out (possibly the dreaded TP word).

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Default RE: fighting bow up

i argree with arthur p it could be a number of things i had the same problem what i did is max the bow out and shot... then turn the limp bolts out 1/2 turn on each at the same time so you got a even tiller... 1/2 turn and each limb and i can hold it on the bulls eye all day long.. hope this helps
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