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Default Centershot

I am tuning a bear legion and it has a nock right tear when setting the centershot roughly using the stabilizer as reference. The only way that it is possible to get a good tear is to move the rest left a lot. So much so that you can look at it and tell it is off center. I noticed the idler leaning at brace and full draw. Can this be affecting centershot? I have tried 400 and 340 spine arrows and checked for clearance. Thank you
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Forget paper tuning! Adjust to centershot. Sight in your bow at 20 yds. Then, using your 20 yd pin shoot one arrow at 15, 20, 25, 30, as far as you can and still hit your target butt using the same pin. (see first sticky) Discount all shots you don't think were good releases. See the Easton tuning guide for rest adjustment. Then turn your broadheads to your fieldtips and you'll be set.
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yoke tune first. this will get the lean out of your cam. having alot of lean will cause horizontal issues.
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Just what I needed, thanks a lot.

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Thanks for the help guys!
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Well I think I fixed the issue. I was having to wait a bit before I took the bow to the bow shop. When reading on a forum I saw where someone had an anarchy doing the same thing and fixed his by switching rests. So I borrowed a buddy's prong style rest and shot it through paper and now it's perfect. So evidently I may have a messed up whisker biscuit.
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If your cam is leaning at full draw, you still have a problem. It would bug the heck out of me until I yoke tuned that lean out!

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