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CG 09-10-2003 01:28 PM

RE: is whisker biscuit a good choice
I understand your rationale but on the other hand when do we (meaning you) finally decide that something does work even if it' s true effectivesness slides inbetween the " gleefully and giggly" dancers and the nay sayers like yourself. I personally shoot and love the WB and love the qualities it provides for the hunter. I understand it' s weaknesses but am willing to allow it to " dictate" a few things to me to make it effective...... i.e. I shoot feathers because it likes them but would rather shoot vanes BUT I' m willing to make that sacrifice for the advantages they provide and couldn' t be happier.

CBM SC 09-10-2003 02:18 PM

RE: is whisker biscuit a good choice


600 hundred kills. Hmmm1 I am not sure, but that number might surpass or rival what Fred Bear did in 50 years with the sport. Maybe the record of Fred Bear and Howard Hill combined. For curiosity only, I' ll have to look that up.
C903, Hate to bust that pompus bubble of your' s......he' s killed them.......get over it !! Maybe......and I mean just don' t know everything (?) !! The only BS I have seen around here is your continual bashing of a WB rests and I' ll bet you still haven' t actually tried one out !!

BOWFANATIC 09-10-2003 05:52 PM

RE: is whisker biscuit a good choice

As for the two-prong rest, or any other rest, having PRIMARILY dictated shaft and/or bow setup for years; you could not be more wrong in the sense that you obviously intend your statement to be taken.
It couldn' t be more CORRECT in " the sense that I intended it to be taken! Especially when responding to your quote below. Rests have been dictating fletching configurations for years , hence the biggest adavantage to drop aways.

A rest should not primarily dictate what size, number of vanes/fletch, and type (helical, offset, straight, etc.) your shafts require.

Arrroman 09-10-2003 11:23 PM

RE: is whisker biscuit a good choice
In order to have wisdom one must first aquire knowledge. I have found the whisker biscuit arrowrest an easy rest to tune provided you use the correct spine arrows for the bow. Too light a spine arrow results in the arrow flexing and bending into the rest upon release. It is difficult to achieve optimum speed and accuracy with the rest if the arrow is going through the rest like a snake. Using the proper spine arrows avoids rest interference and vastly improves bow performance. I have used a wide variety of styles of fletch successfully with the biscuit. Turbonocks, straight fletch, offset straight fletch, and helical fletch, in both feathers and vanes will work well with this rest provided you use the correct spine arrows for the bow and you properly tune the bow and the rest so that they can work together. Good luck hunting!

JOE PA 09-11-2003 08:46 AM

RE: is whisker biscuit a good choice

I am curious which rest you are using for the Turbonocks. I tried to use them with my Droptine, and the bottom fin hit the bracket on the bottom. I just forgot about them for the time being since hunting season is near.

BTW, I did get my former #3 bow (now #2) straightened out. I had to adjust tiller
(top bolt out one turn) as the riser is much longer above the grip. Now the broadheads are shooting just fine with the Droptine Biscuit, even with straight offset vanes. New problem is which bow to carry on opening day, the Bowtech, or the one I put together from parts.:D

Howler 09-11-2003 10:35 AM

RE: is whisker biscuit a good choice
Heck, 600 animals taken by one man. He must be famous. What' s his name? Must be great getting to hunt with this great one. Heck, if he started hunting when he was 15 and if he is 65, he averaged 12 KILLS A YEAR. Most of us can only dream of getting to hunt year around in many states, countrys, continents to complete such a feat!

Arrroman 09-11-2003 11:04 AM

RE: is whisker biscuit a good choice
Joe PA: I have an MT Sport with a Droptine Whisker Biscuit, its set at 60# with the limbs at max, the arrow is nocked at 90degrees to the bowstring. I also shoot an Icon with a Deluxe Whisker Biscuit at 60#, the limbs are backed off evenly three turns from max for an even tiller, and the arrow is nocked at 90degrees. My Martin Fury has a Droptine Whisker biscuit, is set at 70# with both limbs at max, and the nock point is about 1/16" high. All these bows shoot a level arrow and they all have shot Turbos. I have read the Easton Tuning guide over a hundred times and while I think its a good read, I don' t think they cover anything about tiller. My first compound bow was a Browning Cobra and it didn' t have any limb bolts to adjust tiller with. I think a high nocking point is a habit we got from reading the Easton Guide and having to deal with fixed rests that needed the extra clearance to get good arrow flight. I can' t think of any compound bows made today that don' t have adjustable limb bolts. The Whisker Biscuit is the first rest that shows you from 360* around where the center of the rest is. It seems quite obvious to me that if you have a center you should aim your nock travel toward it and get good results. Good luck hunting!

CBM SC 09-11-2003 01:16 PM

RE: is whisker biscuit a good choice
Howler , You and C903 should start hunting together !! I' ll bet ya' ll would have a fun camp to hang out in !! ;)

I' ll bet you were always the kids that went " nnuuuuhhhhh uuuuuhhhh" !!

t-roy 09-11-2003 02:43 PM

RE: is whisker biscuit a good choice
i have a 10 year old black bear bow, and shoot XX75 easton aluminum arrows (2117). i just put a whisker biscuit (drop tine) on my bow. it shoots great, and is totally silent. there are different biscuit inserts for carbon and aluminum arrows. i would imagine that those who say the biscuit is loud are using the wrong one. tuning was quick and unbelievably easy

Howler 09-11-2003 03:03 PM

RE: is whisker biscuit a good choice

Howler , You and C903 should start hunting together !! I' ll bet ya' ll would have a fun camp to hang out in !!
Only if he agreed to use a WB:D

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