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The easy answer is that no, I don't think ANYONE out there believes they NEED a 70lb bow to take down a deer... But for some people, it does indeed improve their ability to take game...
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Originally Posted by Nomercy448 View Post
. I've had two instances where I had bucks come in quickly and pass almost directly under my stand. I had the choice to pass them up, or punch through their spine. The first time I was set at 55lbs, and my glanced off of his spine and out his shoulder. Luckily, breaking his shoulder blade nearly crippled him and he tried to run across open pasture, so I could track him. The second time I was drawing 75lbs and punched a 400grn arrow straight through his spine, through his heart, and about 6" into the ground beneath him (broke the shaft when he fell on it).
Nomercy - although I respect your opinion on draw weight. From the statement you made above tell me you don't have the patience I do when it come to hunting whitetail. I too have had buck come in exactly as you stated. Even having them smell the base of the tree I was in. But I had the patience to let them walk out a distance for a higher percentage kill shot instead of trying to bust the spine or a single lung or worse, a crippling shoulder shot.
Not that I couldn't make that shot because I too can shoot fist sized groups at 50 and 60 yds. And if I were in a position to take a shot at those distances I would be confident that I could make it. It is just that in my area here in the east, shots past 40 yds are rare. Normally 15-20 yards are where shots are taken. I can see western hunters needing to take longer shots especially on antelope where cover is sparse.
I'll let you know how I fare out with my 60# bow if I draw my elk tag this year.
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