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Default Hoyt draw weight maxed at 55lbs

Hello everyone,my question is for you hoyt guys I have a 2002 havoctec 50-60 lb draw weight, 27 1/2 -31 inches, According to the owners manual I have the versacam draw length set up at 29 1/2 inches.I love this bow it shoots like a dream the only thing is I have the limb bolts bottomed out then turned back a quarter turn and I only get 55lbs when maxed out.I had the hoyt dealer replace the buss cables and string last month and noticed he never twisted up the bow string[].After I installed a fletcher tru- peep I put about 10 twists in the string to get it aligned not to rotate during the draw.After a few hundred shots the string seems broke in and I get a great bullet hole when paper tuned and my arrows fly great.Is this normal for the bow to only max out @ 55 lbs? My last hoyt bow was back in 1992 and recall the 60-70 bow would max out at about 72 lbs.
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Default RE: Hoyt draw weight maxed at 55lbs

You see that when the string and cable need to be twisted up to put the bow in spec. If I was to hazard a guess, I' d say your brace height is a little low and your axle to axle length is a little long. You just need some adjustment.
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Default RE: Hoyt draw weight maxed at 55lbs

Like Arthur said, check the specs. Chances are the cables are a bit long. If that' s the case, twist up them cables.
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Default RE: Hoyt draw weight maxed at 55lbs

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.I never mentioned it but I had the same problem last year when I first got the bow the dealer that did the set-up said didn' t put any twists in the bow string and I asked him about the low draw weight, he said it was normal[]. This hoyt dealer is difficult to deal with and gets a attitude if I question any of his advice.I have my own bow press and can do most the maintenance on my bow....replacing serving,paper tuning ect.....After taking a closer look at the buss cables I noticed one cable has no twists in the string and the other cable has a left twist.....Shouldn' t the twisting up a string from the bottom cam always be to the right?.I had a problem with the arrow nocks coming of the bow string while at full draw when I got the bow back with the new string.....after I put a few twists in the bow string it solved that problem.The Dual track idler wheel has marks scribed on the wheel to show if the buss-cable yoke comes out of alignment,right not the buss cable is centered between the scribe marks.I guess my question is should I untwist the one buss cable with the left twist and put the same amount of twist to the right or clockwise and the twist up the other buss cable (with no twist in it) the same direction.Would this get the draw weight back to the 58-60 lb range? Hope I' m making any sense I know it' s difficult trying to explain without a picture
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