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Octane stuff

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on the two piece quiver how well do they hold arrows? (noise at shot, vibration,) with the magnts
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I really like the stabilizer and the quivers. Have not used their rests or sight.

The magnets hold the broadheads very well. I have not used the two piece but used the 1 piece magnetized hood for two years. Your arrows will not fall out, move around, or make any noise at all. The magnets are very strong, they will actually pull the broadhead into the hood when you get them about an inch away. You can put them in the hood and not snap the shaft in and shake the bow and they won't fall out. I had the quiver on an 82nd and never had any vibration or noise.

The big downfall, and why I no longer use the magnetic hood is weight. They are heavy with the magnet. Very noticeable difference when they are on the bow. I don't like to shoot with a quiver so when deer hunting, no big deal, I took it off. When antelope hunting and stalking it was just too heavy. Weighed enough it changed my point of impact when I shot with it on.

I switched to their Bantamweight quiver and love it because of the adjustibility, how close it sits to the bow and the weight.
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Originally Posted by thatmichhunter
on the two piece quiver how well do they hold arrows? (noise at shot, vibration,) with the magnts

I have used this Quiver and it is a Quality unit as are all the Octane Accessories. It holds the arrows solid, quiet, does not cause any vibration. It also has a nice quick disconnect for a 2 pc quiver.

My favorites in the Octane line are the Stabilizers, Hostage Pro (I have one setup on my wife's bow) and the Bantam Weight Quiver. It is very Lightweight and all the Adjustability is a Big Plus for me.

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Default Octane

All Octane is the highest of quality. And they do not want to sacrifice it. SO much so That the Octane sight was not produced this year and will be re-engineered in the future. The tolerances are so precise that production was tough to keep in the quality as well as function. Octane is looking forward to 2011 for new sight products.

As for the quivers etc. they are awesome. like meanv stated the Hostage pro rest kicks a$$. and the magnetic quivers are sweet also.
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I only have experience with the one piece quivers. I love them, but I can't really attest to how they shoot on the bow, I take mine off at the stand. They hold arrows well though. I also use the stabilizers and very much like them too.
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Thankyou for the info, it was a great post!
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i was using the limb saver coil stabilizer and i swithched to the octane stabilizer and my arrow grouping was ALOT tighter
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I use the stabilizer, Hostage pro, & the 1 piece quiver.
All of the Octane stuff is among the best out there.
The quiver shoots great on the bow no extra noise or vibration if you have the tension nob adjusted properly. (Don't know if tension knob is the correct term.) I usually practice with the quiver on the last month before the season starts. Never can tell when you might walk up on the deer of a lifetime. No time to take the quiver off then.
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Octane makes good stuff, except for the strings and cables, of course I replace all factory strings and cables anyway.
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