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need some opinions

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need some opinions

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Default need some opinions

I have a parker wildfire xp and I was drawing it back the other day and the cable thats attached on both sides of the top limb popped off at full draw so all the stress was on one side of the limb and it just sounded awfull like the limb was gonna snap, so i looked it over real good didnt see any cracks then took it to the pro shop and had a new bushing and the cable put back on and they said it looked alright, so the next step i took was to call parker and they said it would make a cracking noise but that little bit of time wouldnt be enough to hurt it that it was just from the stress all being on one side of the top limb...I love this sport but can never seem to get everything working good for me...This is my first brand new bow so i figured that would solve some issues but i guess not...But what can i say Im just to addicted to ever think of getting out of this sport....I just wanted to hear some opinions on the limb like if you think its real weak now or if its nothing to worry about until a crack appears.
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Let me get this straight....One side of your cable yoke, where it attaches to the outboard limb bushing on the axle, came off ? I have seen that happen a few times but it was when the cable was twisted too much on one side to try to eliminate cam lean and when the limbs were not cranked down far enough and that left slack in the cable.

I have seen these yokes break. I have seen axles break, I have seen cams break with no obvious ill effects to the limbs. However, it was always my practice to replace axles anytime anything like this, or a dry-fire occurred as it can cause a very slight bend in the axles that is hard to detect. This small bend can ruin accuracy and cause a cam to stick during rotation which can really ruin your day.

Was your bow set on a very low poundage for the bow's designated draw wt? Say 50# or less on a 50-60# bow?
Was the yoke twisted a great deal to bring the bow in tune? (you may not have noticed this one)
Or do you have severe cam lean at full draw?
I ask this because you never really said WHY it popped off. There had to be a reason and if the reason wasn't eliminated, it could obviously happen again.


I wouldn't worry too much. The cracking sound you heard was most likely the limb hitting or popping the inside of the limb pocket. (At the bottom where it attatches to the riser) That would be normal unless the limb bolt is cranked down all the way. So I'd say you are good to go. Just watch it. Parkers are not too hard on limbs.

However, That was a lot of torque to suddenly put on one side of that axle. And, Since it seems Gremlins ride on your shoulder, I would have the axles replaced or at least removed and given a visual imspection and rolled on a flat surface to see if there are any obvious imperfections. But while it's out, it's just too easy to not go ahead and stick a new one in. To be honest, I would do this even if I had to pay for it. Better safe than sorry and it should cost less than $20.

The real concern for me is if the reason it popped off was never determined and corrected.

Good Luck with your Parker.


PS: where are you located in WV?

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