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Is this possible?

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Is this possible?

Old 12-02-2008, 07:30 AM
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Default Is this possible?

Hi all - I am have been thinking about this question for a while now and I thought I would post it to you gurus who have a lot more expereince than me. I am currently shooting a Hoyt Vulcan at 73#'s at a speed of 284-285fps. I am using a G5 sight (3-pin plus 1 floating pin) and the way I have my pins set up are as follows: 30yrds, 40yrds, 50yrds, and 60yrds (with the last pin being my floater and it is at 60 when it is clicked all the way up). My question is when I shoot at a target at 18-20yrds with my 30yrd pin my arrows hit right where they are pointed at (assuming the operator doesn't punch the trigger or something). What I am asking is should I see the arrows hitting higher because they are getting to the target quicker on the arc or is it that my bow is able to shoot and hit at the samesame or really close out to 30 yards? I know if I try to do this out to 40 yards my arrows drop about 4-5" I would ideally like to have a 30 yardpin that I can also feel confident in hitting targets that are closer to 20 yards and I guess I want to know if this is possible.

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Default RE: Is this possible?

You should definitely shoot higher if from 20 if you sight in your pin to 30. from 10 to 20 there is not much of a difference for most bows but the jump to 30 is usually the first really noticable one. It is possible to set it at the 30 pin and shoot accurately, but you will get more and more 'off' as you move closer to the target.
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Default RE: Is this possible?

At 284fps how much higher would you say?
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Default RE: Is this possible?


At 284fps how much higher would you say?

A lot of this depends on how low on your face your anchor point is.

What I mean by that is that if the distance between your nock point and your peep is say greater than your average shooters (and this depends on where you anchor) then you have changed the relationship between your line of sight and the flight path of the arrow.

It is pretty much the same as having a rifle with super high or see through scope rings. The higher your eyesight is compared to the path of the bullet... the longer the distance must be for the bullet to cross your line of sight. And it will do so twice. Arrows are the same way.

Another thing that will greatly affect your tradjectory is the type of fletching you use, and the amount of offset or helical those fletchings have. Real feathers, for example, will shoot pretty flat out to about 25-30 yards... and then they will start to drop much faster than plastic vanes will. Straight plastic vanes will not drop as fast at distances over 30 yards compared to feathers. So 284 with feathers with a hard helical and 284 with straight fletched blazers will not necessarily mean the same points of impact because their speeds change at different intervals. I hope this kinda makes sense.

As to hitting at 18 with your 30 yards pin.... I think that it really is a little bit different, but no offense here... most folks just cannot shoot good enough to tell. Even if it is just an inch or two (which is negligable for hunting and even most target purposes unless you are a pro shooter) it is still different. It just isn't different enough to cause you to miss or cripple an animal... and thats a good thing.
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