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Carbons not recommended for my bow?

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Carbons not recommended for my bow?

Old 11-04-2008, 07:58 PM
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Default Carbons not recommended for my bow?

Guys - Just curious on your opinion.

I had my older Oneida H250 or 500 worked on a few weeks ago. New string and no complaints. I also wanted to purchase new arrows. When I asked what carbons I should be using, I was told that my bow was really designed to use aluminums and that is what he recommended. I took the advice and saved a few bucks in the process which was not really a concern of mine.

For the life of me though, I really like to know the difference of a properly weighted carbon vs al for an older bow like mine.

This is more for education than anything else. Do you think it makes sense since I have an older bow?

Side note: I am happy with the current arrows not looking to get a answer and switch.
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Old 11-04-2008, 08:01 PM
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Default RE: Carbons not recommended for my bow?

Thats a new one on me brother!!!! I too await an answer on this one......
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Old 11-05-2008, 08:17 AM
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Default RE: Carbons not recommended for my bow?

While I personally like aluminum arrows you where fed a line of crap. The only reason older bows were suggested not to use carbon arrows was because of the weight. Normally carbons = lighter weight. Not the case anymore, you can get fairly heavy carbon arrows now. Not to mention all the vibration dampening devices like limbs savers and the such that you can put on your bow.

I do agree though I wouldn't be shooting a really light arrow out of an older bow they really were not designed to put up with that kind of abuse. Not that it will explode in your face or anything. There is an AMO minimum weight chart that tells you how light you can go with your draw weight and draw length. Some would be surprised at what is a safe weight if they have a shorter draw length.

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Old 11-05-2008, 08:30 AM
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Default RE: Carbons not recommended for my bow?

Wow, you know thats what I love about this forum. I hear new sayings all the time. A bow designed for aluminums? Thats a new one

What someone might be saying is its not designed for a light carbon. My older bows were designed for heavier arrows. Not 5gr/lb of draw. More like 7gr/lb of draw. And very few carbons fit the bill of being heavy 10 years ago. But in todays market there are plenty of shafts that are 10 and 11gr/in.

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Default RE: Carbons not recommended for my bow?

I have been mentioning the AMO Minimum Arrow Weight Chart off and on for several years, but it seems to fall on deaf ears most of the time. It's pretty common knowledge that longer draw lengths produce higher speeds, all things being equal. The reason is more stored energy. Reduce the draw length and there is less stored energy, thus less stress on the bow. Therefore a lighter arow can be shot and achieve greater speed. Less arrow weight, meaning something less than the touted 5gr/lb rule if you so desire.

That being said, even with a 26-5 to 27" draw I still adhere to 5gr/lb. The only reason being that I err on the side of safety and always like to have a quiet hunting rig, which a heavier arrow provides. For 3D, where speed can be an issue, I shoot what shoots the best regardless of the weight or noise. Rubber targets could care less.

Also, as Paul mentioned, there are carbon arrows made today that weigh 5.5 GPI upwards of 12GPI for a given spine. You can actually get a finsihed arrow that weighs more than many aluminum arrows. You just have to do some homework. Visit each arrow maker's website and see what they offer because, frankly, most shops don't carry but a small percentage of the brands and models of arrows made. They stock what sells the most.
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