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string break

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Default string break

Has anybody ever had a string break while at full draw? I am wanting to invest in a new string after bow season and was wondering how much it would cost, preferably a bucknasty string. Is bucknasty a good choice or is there better? Would appreciate any broken string horror stories, would make an intersting thread.
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Default RE: string break

I kept a string on a backup PSE bow for 5 years. It finally broke on release this summer. Scared life out of me. Glad I had on a heavy jacket. I quickly had my other bows restrung.
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Default RE: string break

never had one break....and dont want to.

i have a bucknasty string. prices are better than most...and quality is better than factory. cant go wrong...PM "gibblet" and he can give you the info. or you can goto the Archery classifieds and look for his post....he made a post with info and prices there....
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Default RE: string break

I had one break on my Browning Oasis on an indoor rangejust as I was releasing the arrow. The bow just jumped in my hand and made a loud "pop" sound. My peep was launched to God knows where (never found it) the arrow flew to the target and I was left there holding my bow with the top cam spinning like crazy!

I put it all back together with a new stringand it shot well so I thought I was ok, afterall the arrow did fly to the target......Then I found a very smallcrack in the upper limb about 4 months later...coincedence? I think not.
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Default RE: string break

I had one break on release shooting a carbon arrow. The carbon arrow shattered and I'm very lucky the back half of the arrow didn't go through my hand. It really did a number on my hand, I had a very large junk of carbon fiber burried about a quarter inch into the meat of my hand between the thumb and index finger.
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