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Help, my zero is dropping

Old 10-05-2002, 10:09 AM
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Default Help, my zero is dropping

Can anyone help me?

I am getting back into bowhunting after a few years away. I bought a new Bear Vapor 300 about 8 weeks ago from the local pro shop. They set it up w/ Beman ICS arrow and an NAP 2000 fall away rest. I started shooting at about 62# at a distance of 25 yards. After awhile (200 shots or so) I decided to increase my poundage to 65#. All of the sudden my groups dropped about 6-8 inches. I took it back to the pro shop and they said the string must have stretched. Stating it wasn't uncommon for the string to stretch at about 200-250 shots. So they adjusted my nocks and sent me on my way. After I got it sighted in again and kept practicing, I was shooting consistent groups of 2 inches or less.........except on problem.

My groups started slowly moving lower and lower on the target every two to three days, and I have to keep adjusting my sights each week or so. The pro shop checked my bow over, said the rest was fine, and then said "I guess the string is still stretching".

Is this normal? For the string to consistently continue to stretch? I don't remember having a problem with this when I bow hunted previously.

Is this to be expected? Or am I being given questionable advice because the pro shop just doesn't know what is wrong with my bow? I would appreciate everyone's help.
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Old 10-05-2002, 05:45 PM
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Default RE: Help, my zero is dropping

See my response in

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Default RE: Help, my zero is dropping

What type of sight do you shoot?
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Default RE: Help, my zero is dropping

Well, in this old hillbillys' opinion if the string had stretched the groups would have to go up. It is my opinion that the cable stretched causing the groups to go down. If a string stretches it increases draw length and draw weight, if a cable stretches it causes the draw length to shorten and draw weight to go down. Hope this helps. Be safe.
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Default RE: Help, my zero is dropping

I replied to you days ago but it was not posted , when you changed your bows weight you probably changed its tiller and that is what caused your change in impact .

If information provided by the members of this board have helped you please let us know .
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Default RE: Help, my zero is dropping

Its possible that your string or cables are not only stretching, but possibly failing!!!! Check for tell tale signs like serving separation, do a measurement of the axle to axle distance and compare it to the factory specs. If you use a crimp on nocking point, the brass type it is not too unusual to over crimp the nock set cutting string strands causing the string to fail.

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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Help, my zero is dropping

I agree with Jeff. The principle is to try the simple, easy and cheap things first. Had this happen with a new nocking point earlier this year. That is usually the first thing to go wrong.

We would appreciate hearing how this one turned out.
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