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Political Forum MOD?

Old 07-20-2018, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by elkman30 View Post
Ok. If you say I'm wrong. But out of curiosity, you mentioned a different member named Bigbuck in your original comment and flags has now clarified said he was talking about 6CreedMoor. Since your original comment was based upon looking at the history or whatever of Bigbuck, there shouldn't have been any "evidence." The question now would be is there any evidence with regard to "6Creedmoor" who flags has now identified and now Champlain Islander has confirmed that he was previously permabanned over "100 times." I know Champlain islander used to be a moderator so would assume he is in a position to know about these previous permabans. You posted that flags should let you know when this 6creedmoor has posted something that violates the rules. According to your above quote directed at me, if 6CreedMoor has previously been permabanned under another name, that would constitute a rules violation and subsequent permaban. Or do you see this differently?
I haven't really been active on the site so I can't say for sure that Creedmore is the same as the 100+ ban boy. In all honesty I haven't read any of his posts but normally when flags gave us the heads up it turned out he was right and we permabanned that member again and again. I no longer have the ability to look into the inner profiles but any of the mods can and I hope they do so. If creedmore is the same guy he needs to go. I'll add this Ibobi you obviously don't know much about how your mods operate and the methods they use to try to keep YOUR site clean and free running.

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Old 07-20-2018, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by IBobi View Post
I never mentioned bigbuck. Show me evidence that 6creedmor is an alias? IP address is unique to HN. What other info is being used to determine that this is a sockpuppet account? I'd be curious, because other than name, email address, and IP address, HN doesn't track any data.
You're right. It was JW who mentioned Bigbuck. My bad but it was mentioned when both of you were poo-pooing flags suggestion and my questions among others. I could be wrong but I don't think members have the ability on this website to determine another member's IP address. That power is (or should be) with a moderator like JW or an admin like you. I'm not sure how flags makes such a determination but perhaps you should ask him. He must have some way of doing it since he's reported it so often.
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Old 07-21-2018, 02:20 PM
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Problem was I was guessing based on comments as we where provided no names, no data but are given a link to follow.
Adding exact usernames would help.

So I saw BigBuck had vome off a Temp ban.

My aplologies to him.

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