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European Mount

Old 09-28-2004, 12:26 AM
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Default European Mount

I killed a eight point Mule Deer in velvet, and want to execute a European Mount. I have skinned the head, removed the brain matter, the matter in the nasal cavity, eyes, and almost all of the meat and cartilage except for a few spots here and there. I was told I can boil the head in Arm & Hammer laundry detergent to remove the remaining matter, and bleach the skull. Is this true? If it is not what should I use, or do? Thank you in advance.
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Default RE: European Mount

hi loader
Never used arm and hammer only boiling water. Make sure the antler does not contact the water or it will lighten in colour. As for bleaching??.well once mine have boiled off the flesh I pick whats left the let it dry for a week. Then i fill the skull plate cracks with poly filler light sanding the paint it what ever colour of white you like ........flat....... gloss

see what they look like here....not the best picture
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Default RE: European Mount

I just recently did the entire process. The hardest part was getting getting all the nasal membranes out. That said, I boiled it in just water, bleached with the powdered bleach and peroxide, 40%, from a beauty supply store, and set on a placque. The important thing is to neutralize the bleach when done with vinegar. After a good rinse with tap water, I used full strength white vinegar to stop the bleaching action.

Here is a picture.

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Default RE: European Mount

do not boil the skull....that is what i was told not to do because of yellowing and weakening the skull....try this site out and read every thing you can on will explain the process....if i get a bear this year this is what i'm going to do with it.........................bob
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Default RE: European Mount

I have done numerous euro mounts and always boil the skull. The only problem that exists is the nasal cart. must be removed carefully not to damage any of the upper jaw line (I use a pair of needle nose pliers and push back versus pull) and sometimes you loose a tooth or two, they can be reattached with normal wood glue that dries clear! I always wrap the antler bases in alum. foil to prevent any pedicle or antler discolouration when boiling. Being your deer is in velvet I would wrap as much as possible to ensure it doesn't effect the velvet. Also if the velvet is dry you are ok (blood gone and feels hard to the tips), if it has blood in it you will need to inject the vessels with alcohol..failure to do so will cause rot.

Do not use household bleach...this will yellow the skull! The powdered bleach and peroxide (as mentioned) or a 50/50 Peroxide and water solution will work to whiten. For the powdered method you make a paste apply to skull, let stand for 24 hours and rinse off. In most cases one application is all that is required. For the 50/50 mixture you'll most likely require 2 or 3 applications, in this method I wrap the entire skull in cotton batton, then place the solution in a alum. foil pan and leave it for 24 hrs (repeat as required). The cotton will soak up the solution add stay in contact with the skull.

After the whitening application I let it dry for a week or so and then finish the project.

I am thinking of doing a moose euro, however I can't find a damn tub big enough to boil the entire thing! [&:]
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Default RE: European Mount

there is an article here on the site that tells you how to do this.
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Default RE: European Mount

you can boil it or have it cleaned with beetles at a taxidermist,, but if your wanting to keep the velvet on,, id talk to a taxidermist to make sure it is preserved properly,,
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Default RE: European Mount

skeeter, what type pot or whatever do you use to boil the skull? I can't find anything at our local flea markets, and I'd hate to think what the wife would say if she caught me with one of hers... and I'm not even sure she's got anything big enough.
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Default RE: European Mount

heres a link on how to do it.
I however use a gas powered pressure washer that I own with a rotary tip that doubles the cleaning pressure. I blow all the brain out with it and blow all the nasal stuff out with it, as well as leaving it spotless of cartlidge or meat, then I put it back in the solution for the whitening. I have done countess of these and they come out professional looking. I even have dental picks to clean the teeth.
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Default RE: European Mount

try using "sal-soda" you can order it from just put some in water then boil it
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