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Default $$ Price $$

I never had a deer head mounted before. How much do taxidermists usually charge for it? Obviously it varies widely, but I haven't the slightest idea.
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It can definitely vary alot with various regions, as well as experience level and the quality of work that the individual taxidermist is putting out. I've seen them as low as $150.00 {which will always be complete crap. The taxidermist should have at least $80-$100 worth of material in it} up to $650.00. {Typically only the best of the best will have prices this high.} Depending on the area you are in, I would expect to pay anywhere from $350-$650 for a good quality shoulder mount.
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Default RE: $$ Price $$

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Default RE: $$ Price $$

Depends on how much you want your mount to look like an actual deer. For a sick burro with horns-$150.
For a lifelike, top quality mount with ALL the details- $800
Pick your price.
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Default RE: $$ Price $$

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Default RE: $$ Price $$

We paid 400 each for the two we had mounted. But the guy knocked some off because we gave him two, and because our friend is his friend too even though we didnt personally know him. Apparently this guy is way good. We shall see as I am due to go pick them up next week.

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Default RE: $$ Price $$

I charge $495.00 check out my web site

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three different guys in my area, range from $250 to $ of the guys enters some of his in show,just depends on the going rate in your area.
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ORIGINAL: livbucks

Depends on how much you want your mount to look like an actual deer. For a sick burro with horns-$150.
For a lifelike, top quality mount with ALL the details- $800
Pick your price.
$800 ???? I would not pay $800 to have my MOTHER IN LAW mounted much less a deer .... more like $350 to $500

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DD - if you want a life like, steppin through the wall mount that will ribbon at any show, expect that and maybe more. Most commercial mounts $350 - $650. I have guys around me charge $275, which is what they charged in '83, and they think that $400 is way too much for a deer. There is a clientele for that kind of work. The main thing is not price, it's whether you are happy with the deer and the quality. If you paid $650 for a deer that you aren't happy with it, did you get your monies worth? I am going up to $400 this year, from $375, will I lose work? Probably. But with putting the time in that I do, I can't do it for free. This year the bowhunting shop wants tooffer my taxidermy work through their shop, which I would like, but I only do this part time. I would rather lose work than die a slow death of exhaution.

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