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Texas hogs.. AND EXTRAS


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Default Texas hogs.. AND EXTRAS

Everyone gets tired of not being able to hunt in the off season, right? Not in Texas we donít!

i hunt pigs between 220 and 250 days a year.. we hunt during the day, we run thermal at night, we run dogs sometimes we even chase them with a side by side and run em over.

Its a man eat eat pig world here.

what Iím looking to offer is simple...

you come to texas for 3-5 days and you run with me as if youíre my hunting buddy every day. Some days if youíre an energetic soul we could run 16-20 hours.
you WILL kill pigs, you WILL see snakes, you may even see the dang chupacabra but who knows (meth heads are not the same but youíll see them too.

we run on several hundred acres of private property and some public land when the water is high and they flat out canít leave.

im not going to say this is shooting fish in a barrel because itís not... some days we may kill 2 some nights we may kill 10.. completely dependent on how great a shot you are.

your trade worth more than mine? No problem Iíve got deer and turkeys to add to the mix.
i deer hunt 255 acres between a housing development, a national wildlife refuge and a golf course.

i have recent sheds, some previous trail cam pics and harvest photos to send... our average buck in 2018 hovered JUST above 140... one 128 was shot and one 171 was shot with multiple shooter bucks making it through the season.

what Iím looking to trade for...
literally anything

amything I can fling an arrow at
maybe some upland birds
vacation/ rental house for some time away

I can accommodate up to 4 people
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