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Small Hunting Dogs

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Default Small Hunting Dogs

Hey y'all I am looking for a shed dog. I've recently gotten into shed hunting and in my first week found a old buck skull, 7 point shed, and a old chewed up one. I would like a shed dog to be more successful. My parents don't want a big dog and we have two daschunds but they're older. I would like something 20 pounds and under.
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Hard to beat a good Dachshund, I've seen them steel the show on large Hunts with twenty dogs or more. They seem to find game even the Hounds miss.

I watched one guy Hare hunting, he carried his dog half the time, the Dog would alert in his arms when he scented a Hare other dogs had bypassed. I was amazed.

The down side is Dachshund can be strong willed and sometimes biters. They can even bite their owners if they have a difference of opinion. Just my opinion, but some (most) seem to have issues accepting humans as alpha.

For what you are doing, most guys around here use a Bracke Hund. A little bigger than what you are looking for.

Generally friendly (family and acquaintance friendly), but are also good watch dogs. All I've seen seem to have issues with the Mailman. They can go all day and seem to have better stamina than many Dachshunds do. But in many varieties the legs are still short enough, it makes it more difficult for them to run off and leave you behind if you let them off the leash.

The Bracke is a class of dog and there are many variants, short hair, long hair and many display some Beagle blood.

In the Czech Republic they use them instead of traditional scent hounds or even Blood hounds to track wounded Game, Hogs and Deer. It is their go to dog for blood trails. It shouldn't be hard to train one to find, sheds.

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Hi gents
A farmer-friend & I are having good success with a breed called Parsons basically is a kind of Jack-Russel, black/tan/white, but in my view,more of a hunting nose/-instinct, more disciplined, & also longer legs thn the usual JR, awa a 'beard' around the muzzle..
Mine is a female & so is my friends'..I find those longer legs more preferable in open veld/grass-fields, especially when she has to chase, but she is very able in the bush as well..
I didn't even have to train her tht much either as she cottoned onto the hunting-discipline easily, biggest problem was to teach her to be quiet in the veld..she is very intelligent & 'claim' every animal tht she finds by biting off the tail, ear, or some otherpart..
She prefers to work into the wind, & up to this stage she has not lost one animal even...

There are 2 posts under classifieds, sub 'Huntingdogs', one post by another gent, & one by myself where-in I describe approx. her training, etc, etc...& more as a response to this other gents post where-in he seems to battle somehow re the training of his current hunting-dog..

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Get a good Patterdale or Dachshund.
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Here's another vote for a Dachshund. I've used one for 20+ years to blood trail deer and one treed squirrels ... Tex, Mojo and now Elle.

I have never tried training any of my dogs to shed hunt. But I'd bet it can be fairly easily done.

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Is it possible to use any dog for hunting? I have a labrador and I am not sure if he can do hunting stuffs. I wanna have a Siberian Husky for hunting, will a Siberian suit?
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Siberian Huskies were bred to be sled dogs and you say you have a lab. Labs are hunting dogs and have a great nose and for the most part are amenable to training and would be a much better choice than a Siberian.

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I watched one guy Hare hunting, he carried his dog half the time, the Dog would alert in his arms when he scented a Hare other dogs had bypassed.
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