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Sporting Dogs What?s the best dog for what type of game? Find out what other hunters think.

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Default Pig Hunting Dogs

When you guys get together a group of dogs for pig hunting how do you do it? Do you run all the same type of dogs, and if so what type of hound do you use? Do you use two different types of dogs, like a few hounds to run the pig and then a few big pit bulls to grab it up once they get him cornered? I'm just interested in learning a little more about it.
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Default RE: Pig Hunting Dogs

Tom, like I have mentioned before, I hunted hogs with dogs since 1965.
My buddy and I have expirenced with crossing many breeds and have ordered
pups from the best breeders in AK.
We finally came up with a cross that was the best, Catahoula & Pit Bull &
Rhrodesian Ridge Back. The Catch dog pups we trained with a hog skin and
teased them with it. The Bay dog pups, we taught not to catch and the Trail
dog pups to trail only.
The dogs usally pick-up the wallow scent from thier dog boxes and let you know
when to release the Trail and Bay dogs.TheTrail dogs will start to make a
whimpering sound when the hogs are real near and when the Bay dogs hear the
Trail dogs, they start tobayand lets you know to release the Catch dogs.
You have to run with them and try to get there right after they do or the hog
might cut or kill a dog.
I always kept 2 of each dog at home and ready to go at anytime, day or night.
We use to sell the pups for $200 each. In 2000 I gave my dogs to my buddy.
I am 65 and he is 71 and just can't keep up the hard hunting habits. He still has
over 20 dogs for breeding on his farm.

I forgot one part of your question,one Catch dog will attack the hogs snout and
the other will attack it's gonads and hold the hog from getting away. Then the Bay
dogs will grab the hog by the ears till you get there, but you haveto be quick on
getting there or you will have dead dogs.
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Default RE: Pig Hunting Dogs

i run mainly bay dogs, but if we are planning to catch the hog i'll throw in a buddies catch dog. but with my dogs if the hog is under say 150lbs they'll catch it themselves.
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Default RE: Pig Hunting Dogs

I did a knife hunt in South Carolina. They used Plot hounds as the bayers and Pit's as the catch dog. The Plot's didnt make a sound until they had the pig Bayed then we went in with the Pit. There was some crazy stuff going on there, between the hog and the pit and the hounds and me in the thick of it with a 12" Bowie
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Default RE: Pig Hunting Dogs

I used a 22 lb Jagdterrier. For pigs under 150 he could bay them by himself. He was quick and would chew on the genitels of the pig until it sat down. He was open at the beginning and at the bay. I didn't try to catch, and shot them with a 7.62x54r. This was an excellent combination. I didn't like catching the large boars because they didn't taste much better than an old moldy piece of leather. The sows and young boars were nice and an 80 lb shoat was heaven.
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Default RE: Pig Hunting Dogs

drfatguy, what do you have the 7.62 by 54r chambered in? just curious, I allway's liked the russian Mosin -nagant.
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