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Default Black Sow Down

well this week, i had a Seminole ranch hunt...decided to hunt my pasture stand and then today i suppose to hunt my marsh stand, but i am too tired...yesterday morning i get to my stand, there's hogs 2, maybe 3 right below me feeding so I'm sittting there waiting for daylight and i see another hunter coming my way, he spooked them, so i sat there hoping on some more , i had a flock of turkey fly down, then an otter swim by eating as he went, then nothing so i decided to climb down and take a nap, about an hour later i was awake and ready to hunt...I'm up there, nothing is happening so i said screw it, I'm smoking, then wouldn't you know it , i hear splashing from behind me, right below me is another hog, a sow, she moved away from me and fed about 13 yds. away from me, i took the shot, she comes running by my stand, blood is gushing out the side of her, she runs about 15 yds. , stops, does the wobbling stand and lays down, wooohoooo dead hog, wrong.... I had called my sister for help, sitting there waiting for her, then i decided to take a pic of it where it layed down to die....when i did, she stood up, OMG, it had been about 30 minutes since she i called Fl. huntress, it hadn't moved , made any noises or nothing...then for her to stand up, my heart sunk...I asked God not to do this to us, we didn't deserve this, then i changed it to the hog didn't deserve this, to please give me another shot, an hour later i finally got it, she took 2 steps, and died right there, ***** Palmettos...if i hadn't gotten the shot when i did, I would of had to go in after with and stick her because i was losing sunlight quick and I'm not shooting in the dark....Thank God it worked out...I don't think mentally i could of dealt with another loss.....I took today off to clean house and clean meat and to reflect..I have learned from last weeks hunt and i thought i had adjusted my shot high enough but it clipped the one lung and hit guts on the way out, stunk to high heaven...I must of puked 30 times, lol... but to know that she wasn't lost int he woods suffering is so worth it....
i just need to make sure the critters are not so close to me when i shoot...every shot i have had, even with bow has been about 13 yds. this year...every shot, it's my # for this year i guess...
anyway , i checked ina 99.2 lb. sow, largest one for this hunt so far,and my name is on the board, woohooo... here are the pics, lol...

this is when i going for the first pic, got downwind of her and thats all it took....lol....puking begins, lol...(she was in the palmettos right behind me in the pics behind the fence)

I was made to kneel with her for a pic just because my sister is cruel, lol.....so i did, those aren't tears of joy either, lol...

here's one more, after a glass of wine and the puking stopped about 30 minutes after this pic, lol......and she had no tail

Thanks Fl. for the help, i would of been screwed without ya.....
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Default RE: Black Sow Down


sorry but that was quite humorous (the puking part). good job on the kill and keep up the good work!
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Default RE: Black Sow Down

good job on the kill
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Default RE: Black Sow Down

WOW!! real nice sal ..gal.
One happy camper there ..with a bunch of sausage..
nice pics..
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