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hey all yesterday me and my dad went out rabbit huntin but we took sum slugs and buckshot incase we saw any yotes....

well i got 2 rabbits so we figured we would try a little baiting/calling. so i dressed the rabbits and hung the guts in a tree bout 5 ft up. we had our lab-x with us as she loves to hunt everything. so we sat about 30 yards from each other with my dog running back and fourth between us because its the first time she has heard a rabbit squeeler...

so after a very long time of calling (i swear not even 3 minutes!!!!!!) a male yote comes runnning in towards our dog!! i put my bead on him with a slug loaded but was waiting for him to stop....during this time he got 15 paces infront of my dad! dog 50lb lab-x is standing there with hair raised high as it can go on her back standing her ground!!!

so both me and my dad could have shot it by now but it was too close to our dog....5ft away from each other staring and growling each my dad turned and looked at me and nodded and i nodded back...3 seconds later i called my dog and she came running to me and right when the yote started running after my dog my dad shot it with a load of 3" 000 buck.

i watched it go down but it got right back up!!! then my dad shot it again but it kept running so i had a clear shot of it running away quartering away so i shot it with a slug and rolled him

after we were finished checking him out he was hit with 5 000 pellets (turns out my dad it more trees then the yote) the pellets hit: 1 neck, 3 lung area, 1 rear leg. and the slug right below its backbone where the ribcage ends.

its a little bit taller then my dog but longer and a tiny bit skinnier...and when we compared weight by lifting our dog then the yote i say it weighs between 40-45lbs, my dad says 42-46lbs...

this is our first yote and he is a very well fed yote as it is definatley NOT skinnny and is in very good condition...well be4 we shot it up it was...

just figured id let ya know about our exciting first yote that almost ended up in a dog fight

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Default Thats Great

Canadian Hunter;
That was a great story. I love to hear about a successful hunt. Congrats on your first song dog. Good luck to ya in the future too, and have a great holiday.

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Default RE: Thats Great

heh....technically it was both of our first yote since we both shot it.....

i didnt think it would be able to run that far with 5 000 pellets in it....

now im looking for a good used rifle and high power scope since i always see them bout 250-400 yards away all the time in fields on the edges of forests....

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Congratulations. I like the way you tell a story. I could picture everything that happened. Thanks.

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neat story.... i thought of using my lab as bait. lol i am sure he would love that idea. He would probabley try to lick it.
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Old 01-03-2004, 07:22 PM
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great story, thanks for sharing...i'm still waiting for my first coyote...hopefully I'll get one before our season closes feb. 29th, congrats on your first!
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cool story, sounds like you guys had fun!

portable ladder, too bad you guys have a coyote season up there, coyotes are open year round here[:-]
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cool story, thanks for sharing, to bad on limited season--we have a trapping season, but there is no closed season here with no bag limit. I'm gonna try and bag me one this year, never done it.
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grat job now its time to get anther
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thx all, we had a great father/son experience ....

i actually went hunting at the same spot last saturday with my dog and she found the EXACT spot where the coyote fell! actually about 10ft from the spot she started growling and her hair was raised onm her back. so i wasnt really paying attention to where the other yote was shot so i got excited since she only does this when there is a coyote around or fresh piss/droppings. then after i threw a slug in my 870 i realized that she smelt the blood from the yote we shot a few weeks be4.

i guess my lab-x really does have a good nose. wen the yote was shot there was a few inches of snow and on saturday it was like 12 degrees (i had to wear spring camo since it was so warm) so there was no snow at all. plus, there was lots of rain last week.....but she could still smell traces of blood i guess.

ever since that male yote was shot we havent been able to find any fresh sign of the other yote that we know for a fact was there.....but i think there was a fox track....they step one paw infront of the other correct?

what is the best way to locate coyotes? im gettin my savage 12FV .22-250 or .243 soon....then the yotes and crows better run [>:][>:][>:] lol

also, im new to calling, so which usually works best for coyotes or fox? i was playin around with some crows on saturday and i tried a mouse squeller, cottontail, and jackrabbit. crows only showed interest in the jackrabbit screamer...heh there was about 12-15 of them and i called them all back 4 times, made 1 shot after each time they came, killed 3 crows...

lol....i guess those new winchester hi velocity 3 1/2" steel BB's pack a pretty good punch since feathers were flyin at ranges from 20-55yards


PS. i shot a car that has been in the bush we hunt for like 10 yrs and is all beat up and stuff. 25 yards away, 3 1/2" BB in steel, modified choke, rear door.
all of the shot passed right through the door and dented the opposite door with 7 BB's actually going right through the other door. are these loads good enuf for coyotes? if so, what would be the max range that id have enuf killing power?
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