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.22 rifle/ elctronic call

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Default .22 rifle/ elctronic call

just wanted to get some advice from the experts. I have hunted fox before only a couple times with success with a shotgun and a mouth call. That was years ago. I will be predator hunting a couple corn fields for some land owners that have a problem with fox and coyotes. I was wondering if you guys think a .22 rifle is enough for the job and if you have any suggestions of make and model. I would be shooting at the farthest probably 170yds. Also I would to experiment with a electronic caller but don't want to spend big bucks. Lots of them out there was wondering what's the best bang for my buck. Any suggestions help. Thanks happy New year.
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No, a 22lr rifle is not enough for coyotes and/or fox, let alone talking about 170yrd shots. I wouldn't even recommend the 22mag for coyotes or fox at that range.

Yes, it CAN kill them at these ranges, assuming you can connect, but here's the skinny: I can drive a nail with a wrench, but that doesn't make it a hammer.

You'll see dogs run off even when well hit. They just don't have the power to quickly kill coyotes at those ranges, even with perfect placement.
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As for an electronic caller, the FoxPro Wildfire is a fantastic value. A $200 pricetag might seem steep, but I honestly would NOT recommend any caller below that price point. You WILL be disappointed by them (Flextone, cheaper Primos, cheap Johnny Stewart "Attractor", etc). I'd be hard pressed to recommend any other caller besides the Wildfire at $200 either, the Primos Turbo Dogg is a decent caller, but the remote range isn't nearly as good as the Wildfire, and Primos customer service is a joke. If the Turbo Dogg were $125, then maybe I'd recommend it as "ok", but at the same price as the Wildfire, I HIGHLY recommend you avoid the headaches and get the FoxPro Wildfire. Drives me nuts that the Turbo Dogg doesn't have a good way to carry it either.

Check this out:

HNI Predator Hunting Reference Section - Which FoxPro E-caller is right for me?

HNI Predator Hunting Reference Section - Which Brand of E-Caller?

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Exclamation 22 for foxes nooo

get yourself a 243 . a good range of bullet weights is available. and it will reach out and do them and you can take deer hunting and shoot something you can eat.
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A shotgun & a .243 is a good recommendation no matter what you are hunting in North America.

.22 LR is also a good caliber to shoot small game and such.

FoxPro is the only way to go !

Now you are ready to go !!! :-)
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