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i suggest a .223 or .22-250
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Look into the 204 if you want to shoot yotes, fox, PD, woodchucks, cats, or any vermin I think it's your best choice.
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Is it too small? Your not really giving us any information on distance of shot or any of that good stuff. I've killed many a coyote out to about 60 yards with a 22 mag. For me it packs more than the band wagon cartridge 17 hmr. My advice is if it is a choice between using the 22 mag and a 223 and the shots are on average 50-60 yds then a 22 mag is the way to go simply because of the money you'll save on ammo. If you're talkin on average of 150+ yds then i'd go for the 223. In coyotes I personally love my 357 mag rifle but I also wound up killing one yesterday with a 22 at 35 yards 1 to the head and 4 to the body. Point being average shot range will tell more on how to advize you
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My longest shot will be 100yard max. mostly round the 60-80 yard mark, I have a .22mag and never been predator hunting, thats why i as wondering if it would be okay, i thought for that distance shot i would be okay. i am going to get a 22-250 for my encore next year for longer shots if i start enjoying predator hunting
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Look at the .22 hornet specially if you reload, if not go with a .223.
If you go with a Hornet look into the NEF single shots, thats what I have and it drives tacks. What I like about the NEF is it has a 1 in 9 twist which will stabalize heavier bullets. I load mine with 50 gr nosler balistic tips. Most all .22 hornets have a 1-14 twist which barely stabalize a 45 gr bullet.
And you can get other barrels for the NEF and they are pretty cheap and accurate enough to 200 yds some much further.
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Originally Posted by elgallo114 View Post
In that range, I love the .17 HMR. Great round.quote]

To me the .17 hmr is a pussies version of a .22mag

not really.. the 17hmr carries more power beyond 80yds. The 17hmr has a flatter trajectory. Ammos just cost a bit more that's all.

overall, i like the 17hmr more. Own 2.. both savage models. My dad owns a 22mag and while he loves his, he still think my 17hmr's are better.
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.223 rem
.204 ruger
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Go for it! Perfect round for all three if your trying to keep the pelts, but if you don't care about the pelts, there's nothing wrong with using your deer rifle for shooting them to get practice and confidence for the deer season, thats what I personally do and it plays off when the deer come out! Happy hunting!
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If thats what you have, use it. Keep your shots to 100 yards or your comfortable range and it will work great. I keep mine to 75 yards. Mine is just not as accurate as my centerfires. Its almost dead on out 75 yards so no worries of compensating drop on little fox vitals. We can only use rimfire here. We don't have many yotes here but I wouldn't hesitate to use the 22 mag. Just make sure you use a jacketed hollow point.
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