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Default 221 fireball

I have been looking at several discussion boards for information on the 221 fireball mostly for its range on coyotes. There are many people that say the 221 is a 200yd and under gun for that purpose. But also there are people saying the 22mag is a 100yd gun. in my reserch the 221's 500yd velocity and energy are higher than the 22 mags 100 numbers The nosler varmint balistic tips have a minimum recomended velocity of 1600fps which is well over 400 yds for the 221. also based on vel. and energy if a 223 can kill a coyote at 350yd a 221 should be a 300yd gun. I guess my question pertains to why there is a low range rating for the221 fireball.
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Default RE: 221 fireball

Probably because the .221 fireball is thought of as more of a pistol round.
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Default RE: 221 fireball

Stumper, The fireball is a great round in the right application. I am sure that you are aware that shot placement is key in taking down a coyote with a 22 mag or .221 FB and any other caliber as far as that goes.
Suppose what folksmay besaying is that they would not feel comfortable with their abilitiesin a field situation beyond 200 yards. I know I would not be ableto reliably put the shot where it needs to be,beyond 200 yards unless I just happened to bepracticing on paper at the time.

If you regularly practice with your .221 FB out to 300 yards and are extremely knowledgeable about the bullet drop of your load from your rifle you may stretch things as far as 300 yards with the use of a laser range finder. Honestly I think 200 yards is a more realistic expectation for the bullet drop and wind drift you will experience from the fireball.

I am sure you may shoot better than me, so if you can consistently hit a 1.5" circle at 500 yards with your fireball you may be willing to stretch your field application to 400 yards on occasion.
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Default RE: 221 fireball

Thanks for the imput,
I guess i should say that i am looking at buying a custom 221 fireball for several purposes from a longer than 22lr range gun for a walking gun on small game and pest animals on my property to a predator gun for calling. Most of my shots will be inside 200. I just wanted to be assured that caliber could take a coyote at 300yds with a good shot.Some of the sites that said 125 yd max for coyotes made me nervous about the caliber.Im not looking for a 500yd gun i would get a 22-250 if i was that concerned, just a low recoil low noise gun that i can hunt with and my girlfriend can lean to shoot a rifle with. I shoot 2000+ 22 shels a year plinking and run 100 rounds through my 7mm mag a year with high percentage hits on 6" ballons at 400 yards 18"hold over with shooting stix. Also i have found ballistic tables for the 221 50gr for remington rounds does anyone know were i could find a table for the 40gr nosler loads or have any expirience with them on game.
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