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Help with Trapping?

Old 12-03-2007, 06:32 PM
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Default Help with Trapping?

Hey everyone I am looking for some help to start trapping. I went to look at traps the other day and no one at the store knew hardly anything about them. I am wondering what traps are good for coyotes, bobcats, and racoons. I wasn't for sure which ones to buy. They had numbers on them what would be best? And what are some good techniques for setting the traps and/or baiting them? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Default RE: Help with Trapping?

Try going to www.wildabouttrapping.comsomeone there will be more than willing to help you.Also,read as much as you can on the subject,as far as the #'s on the traps they refer to the size of the trap.
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Default RE: Help with Trapping?

Its been a while since I trapped seriously

I always like 1-1/2 and 1-3/4 coil springs for Raccoon & Fox - and I had #2s for coyotes - but never got any.

I started with baited pocket sets and graduated to dirt hole & scent post sets for fox to cut down on skunks, possum and housecat catches.

I also really liked Run Sets with #220 Conibear Trapsfor raccon. Once you find a few "coon trails" - you start to see them everywhere, I still look for them when I'm hunting even though I haven't trapped in years.

There is alot of info out there - I learned most of what I know from FUR-FISH-GAME, the magazine. I'm not sure if its still around - but it was great.


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Default RE: Help with Trapping?

Well I would find a small creek ( any size but I prefer small creeks ). With alot of coon tracks. If you use a foot trap make sure that you fasten it tight to something ( a bobcat might be strong enough to pull it off ). If you use a box trap they might flip the trap over. I have already trapped 3 coons this year ( would have caught six but3 flipped over my trap). Oh and coons can knaw their leg off in afoot trap, so check it as early in the day as possible. Use sardines.
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Default RE: Help with Trapping?

well i'm trappin now and here in ohio you can't find a coon! idk Y but u just can't as far as coyotes g oa 1 3/4 DUKE are u'r best bet thats all i ever used. but 1st you will need 2 also get DYE and WAX. get a good rust on the trap and they are ready to dye. to dye the traps boil water and add the dye i use the log wood crystals. then dip them in wax. put a small nail between the jaws. or you will wax the JAWs together. w/ coyotes you ALWAY need 2 double stake u'r trap. what i use are earth anchors. look tehm up on a trapping site. w/ them there is no need to double stake. also you will need RUBBER GLOVES and RUBBER BOOTS. a trowel dirt sifter and hammer. possible dry dirt if needed. when settin for coyotes i nvr set in the woods always get about 10-20 yds. out in a field. I love SOIBEAN fields that are already picked. take a bundle of the clippings and make a nice little mound out of them set the trap on the down wind side of teh pile 9" back and 3" to the right make sure you'r trap is Beded EXTREMLY solid. if the trap wobbles u'r coyote is GONE then take u'r sifter and sift the dirt back over teh trap until it's just covered.tehn take some of teh soibean clipping and run then threw the sifter you don't want any hard object over top the jaws or it wil give teh coyote a chance to get out. you also put a hole on about a 45 degree angleat the base of teh pile stick a chunk of bait such as rabbit or a part of deer. and teh n dress it w/ lure my FAVORIT is made by. PETE LEGET. FOX AND COYOTE. you don't need much and it works. also i don't use bait to often ilike to use jsut lure.then in about mid JAN. you take a small stick about 12" long and about the size of a broom handle. and stick it in the ground on a angle this is called a sent post in teh mattin season coyotes will run in pairs. place the trap along side of the stick and dribble urin on it.

you have to remember that coyotes are IMO the hardest animale to catch they are very smart. n if u spit or leave any way for the coyote to smell that you were there YOU ARE DONE

hope this advise helps also GOOGLE TRAPPING TIPS
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Default RE: Help with Trapping?

Thanks guys...
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Default RE: Help with Trapping?

Go to It is the best website I've seen for trapping info.!
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