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what is your squirel hunting method?

Old 01-17-2007, 09:25 AM
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Default what is your squirel hunting method?

I'm just currious I havent had to much luck this year what is the best way to hunt squirels just walk slowly through the woods do I need to take a bucket and sit and wait or what a friend of mine has a dog but she hasn't been to much help either.
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Default RE: what is your squirel hunting method?

I just walk through the woods normally. When I see one if its coming to me I stop and wait. If its the only one I see and its going away from me I run towards it since I can go faster on the ground than it in the trees. As you can tell Im not a very serious squirrel hunter, I take it in stride.
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Default RE: what is your squirel hunting method?

Strawberry...You need to identify the prime food sources in your area...Often it will be acorns, hickory nuts, beechnuts, corn or some other type of hard mast...

Then spend some time sitting quietly in areas near the food source..The squirrels will come to you...

You can hunt them successfully by walking VERY slowly through the woods, again in areas where there is food for them..If you are walking around and not seeing any squirrels, chances are you are moving much too fast...You need to move VERY slowly, sometimes standing still for long periods of time, and look and listen for squirrels or sounds of them moving around and feeding..
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Default RE: what is your squirel hunting method?

Wait for em' at the bird feeder
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Default RE: what is your squirel hunting method?

I sit on a stump on an oak ridge and wait them out. Look for any movement. If you identify it as a squirrel, run up to the tree. If you have a buddy, have him circle around while you keep an eye on the one side. The squirrel will normally circle around away from him unless he ran in a hole. If he doesn't show and you're sure you ran to the right tree then he obviously hid and you should go sit some more. The reason I always run to the tree is becauseI don't have any luck sneaking up on squirrels. I prefer to just get up to the tree as fast as I can and start looking. We normally get half the squirrels we spot.

Iuse a 12 gauge and any shotgun shells I have around. I don't eat my squirrels so the only thing that matters is getting them.Have fun! By the way, be careful when you run up to the trees. It could be dangerous.
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Default RE: what is your squirel hunting method?

when I squirrel hunt Ill wear camo and sit still with my back to a tree with my shotgun across my lap and small radio with speakers playing my favorite country station.
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Old 01-17-2007, 07:30 PM
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Default RE: what is your squirel hunting method?

i just walk until i find nests then do the dang thing. sometimes that includes sitting and waiting, sometimes it includes shooting branches very close to the nest to scare them out. for some reason i've taken some with that method. you'd think they would stay in the nest thinking they're hidden but 'eh? anyway, it just depends on how the spot "feels" to me
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Default RE: what is your squirrel hunting method?

I hunt them just as pygmy advised you to do, its very affective.

here is a picture of a two day hunt my son and I had using pygmy's technique.

I also would like you to know I cleaned a canned all the game, The pressure cooker even makes squirrels tender.

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Default RE: what is your squirrel hunting method?

I have tried shooting bysquirrel nests and it doesn't work. I've literally shot hundreds and never had a squirrel come out. Waiting for them to show is the only way to do it--I think.
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Default RE: what is your squirrel hunting method?

I have the perfect system. I only hunt on sunny afternoons. I have a large lunch around11:30. I get in the woods by 1:00 PM. I then fall asleep for an afternoon nap. I sleep til 3:00 PM. My snoring calls in all the squirrels for miles. I wake up, shoot them all, and am home by 5:00. It has taken many years to perfect this system. Try it, it really works.

My secret to squirrel hunting was always going with my dad. It did not matter if we saw a squirrel or not. It was just fun to spend time with my dad. He passed last year, and I have not been able to bring myself to go squirrel hunting since. Tom.
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Quick Reply: what is your squirel hunting method?

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