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yes a 17hmr kills the yote

Old 07-16-2006, 09:21 PM
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Default yes a 17hmr kills the yote

looking around on the web and ran into this and thought i might as well share. he shot her at 100yds with a 17gr v-max,89274.0.html
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Default RE: yes a 17hmr kills the yote

This subject has been argued on here for a while now. Most people do not dispute that with close range and good shot placement, a 17hmr will kill a coyote. However, there are better calibers out there that will do the jobs at much longer ranges and with more forgiving shot placement.

I can tear down a house with a claw hammer, too. But somebody blogging about doing it once doesn't mean I'm going to start recommending claw hammers as acceptable substitutes to bulldozers.
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Old 07-17-2006, 07:23 PM
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Default RE: yes a 17hmr kills the yote

i agree. i was just trying to clear up the unsure thoughts if itcould or could not kill one hit somewhere else than the head
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Old 07-18-2006, 05:53 AM
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Default RE: yes a 17hmr kills the yote

Post like this merely add confusion to new sportsmen unsure about the lethaltiy of the round. They are also usually started by those equally unsure and inexperienced.

Any time lead passes through the bloodstream and clips veins, arteries and opens up the flesh therecan besevere health risk. Factor in that coyote's cannot walk in an immediate care center and you have a fairly high risk of death when they absorb a high velocity bullet.

Lungs do not have to be blown wide open and drained in order to kill an animal. The way the diaphram is balanced, a pierced lung will deflate (or collapse) the other lung to some degree. Blood leaking in will result in a drowning of lung tissue- and an insufficient amount of oxygen sustained in therespitorysystem.

Shoulder, hip or footdamage resultant from any firearm can cause problems with a coyotes ability to crouch down while stalking prey, run at high speeds and walk in their streamline technique. Without those abilities their safety and efficiency are minimized. In the cut-throat world of wild K-9's an injured coyote is not nursed by his friends or family... he is targeted for his weakness and killed before he can starve to death.

So yes, the 17Hmr will kill coyotes in many cases. A few shots will drop the animal, others will result in 40-100 yard tracking jobs with little or no bloodtrail to follow. The rest.... well, just come back in a few days and look for buzzards circling.
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Default RE: yes a 17hmr kills the yote

With just a little time and research, I could find several links to 17 hmr/ coyote failures. SO, what's your point. The fact of the matter, is the 17 hmr was never meant to be a predator rifle. Sure, it'll work on occasion, BUT the failure rate is too high to be concidered a go to predator rifle!!
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Default RE: yes a 17hmr kills the yote

my point was to show all of the members that were asking if a rimfire could kill a coyote. ex. 22mag, 17hmr so after they read the thread that was in the post that i made they would know that yes a carefully placed shot from one of these cartriges would kill the animal. but then again im with the rest of you. i dont reccommend it.
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