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Default Groundhogs...

Been wanting to take a stab at groundhog hunting w/ my bow. I have 2 large soybean fields behind my house and have heard they like to hang out around them and eat the beans. Worth a shot or not?
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Default RE: Groundhogs...

I watched team Fitzgerald do it one day. Find a den and setup in your blind or available cover and be patient. He sat there for hours till he finally got the shot opportunity. He got it too. Rifle hunters shoot them from some distance as they feed. The bowhunter would have to find a den like they did I would think.
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Default RE: Groundhogs...

its possible....but can be TOUGH...their eyesight is probably better then that of a deers...more equivilant to a turkey i bet....i am one of them rifle hunters...i like poppin them at a distance...and have been spotted more times then id like to anything movement is key...dont move they wont see you...setting up close to a hole sounds like a good plan....youll have to try that...their holes are easily found if they are there....they usually look diffrent then the rest of the hay if in a hay field. if not in a field like a hay field look for their holes and trails at the wood line around fields. you could sit and wait them out but i dont know how well that will work out. they have a mind of their own and sometimes although you got an active hole they just dont seem to come out. others are out all day. and i noticed when i shot one and i go retrieve it and theres other holes nearby that i know they were coming out of earlier that day they just seem to not come out after i walk by the holes....i shot one a few times and missed every time...he was coming out about every 15 minutes. at 175yds they dont know what that noise is until the bullet hits them. some are smart and dont come back out but many do. but when i miss and go check the hole he seems to quit coming back out. i dont know if they can just tell im walking there or what it is. some are dumb. some are not. i think spot and stalk would be your next best option with a bow. although they can see good its very doable i think. just gota be sneaky...use the land and available cover and camo of course. keep glass on him and belly crawl when he is looking away from you. if you get spotted lay there till he comes back out. some are plain dumb. i was hunting once with a shotgun and had one RUN right at me full speed ahead. i had a semi and it took 3rds of highbrass to put him down. ive killed a few in bow range. and many in the "possible" bow range. out to 50yds or so. that would be your best setup is about 50yds from their hole. let them feed and work their way towards you. i hunt alot of holes on the edges of fields. them ones usually ate everything close to their holes and seem to have to walk a few feet in the field before they settle on eating. just what i noticed. speaking of needs to quit raining! i got the urge. good luck....i want pics!
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Default RE: Groundhogs...

i would scout a few fields first and find which field the groundhogs are often. find one that is out around the same time. go set up about a few hours before youve been seeing him. best of luck man!
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