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crosman 760

Old 09-29-2005, 10:02 AM
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Default crosman 760

i'm taking up hunting this year and for squirrel i plan on using my crosman 760 wiht a 4x15 scope thats dead on at 25 yards. i believed that this rifle was too weak to use but now i feel it's more then capable with the accuracy it provides. i will only be using it for the time being untill i get my winchester 1000 break barrel air rifle. if anyone with more experience knows this crosmansetup is insuffient for hunting squirrel please let me know, i don't wanna cause injury to any of the game i'm hunting.

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Old 09-29-2005, 10:20 AM
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Default RE: crosman 760

I had a 760 Pumpmaster for years , it's adequate for small game up to rabbit size as long as you don't get cocky with the range . 25 yards is about it's limit before power and accuracy begin to suffer . Head shots are reccomended , although a lung hit on squirrels with a hollowpoint or wadcutter should be fine .

BTW , when you get that Winchester be prepared for the spring shock when it fires , it's impressive and will definitely affect your accuracy . It's also very loud .
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Old 10-01-2005, 05:05 PM
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Default RE: crosman 760

I have used a RWS mod. 34 with a Beeman scope for several years and have taken may Tree rats and rabbits with Beeman Silverjet .177 pellets. These pellets have proven to be worth the extra cost due to the increased seal within the barrel. I have taken rabbits from as far as 25 yrds. Lucky shot I guess! Just a thought for ya, Look into the Crossman Quest 1000 before purchasing the Winchester. I compared both, side by side and the Crossman felt much smoother and refined for about the same cost. I also own a Beeman that fires approx. 700 fps. and have taken several small game with it at over 50ft. This Beeman is in the same price range as the Winchester and Crossman and is far better quality, just slower! If you have the extra $, look into the Gamo NRA special edition and support the NRA, It's an awsome gun!!!
Good Luck and be safe, you could put your eye out ya know! HA HA
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Old 10-03-2005, 05:41 PM
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Default RE: crosman 760

i second what leaveonly said, that crossman quest is a good gun. but curently i have a daisy pumpmaster that shoots around 640fps. i load it with the pointed pellets (although i've heard the flat ones do more damage) because they have more pentetration power and they're more accurate. with the flat pellets i'd be lucky to hit anything at 20 yards (no my aim doesn't suck) and also it wouldn't penetrate the skull, it would simply bounce off causing the squirrel to go into like a concusion type thing. but with the pointed ones i have very good accuracy and most importantly, it'll go straight through the skull of a squirrel with only 640fps. one time i shot a squirrel through the head at an angle and as i was cleaning it i found the pellet completely intact by its stomach. amazing, i know.

so good luck hunting and remember, you could putyour eye out ya know..ha great movie.
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Old 10-08-2005, 12:34 AM
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Default RE: crosman 760

The crossman classic 2100 is a good gun. Killed alot of animals with it.
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Old 10-08-2005, 12:29 PM
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Default RE: crosman 760

So 700 fps can kill a squirrel?
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Default RE: crosman 760

i killed a few rabbits with 760 while it lasted. I wasnt 2 impressed with it and i used pointed pellets for rabbit. Than i got a 2100 classic. It impresses me it seems to hit alot harder and kills alot cleaner very seldom do i need 2 shots and i always try for a shoulder shot on rabbits or squirrel with air rifle.
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Default RE: crosman 760

I own a Crossman 760b myself. Got it a few years ago to get rid of pesky squirrel that was trying to chew up my house It's a really fun little rifle. Light and pretty darn accurate. Also gave me ability to shoot in my backyard. I just couldn't do the same with my Mosin M44 carbine :-D

But then I got a budget .22lr rifle (Marlin 60) and discovered Super Colibri ammo... I do not shoot anything else anymore! (in the backyard). What a rush! Virtually quiet (no louder then air rifle), very powerful. I do not think I would shoot a squirrel anymore with Crosman. Just not enough energy for a sure kill. But this thing will do what it supposed to.
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Default RE: crosman 760

Question for distguitar,
You mentioned Colibri ammo for your 22lr. Have you had any trouble with it not ejecting properly or jamming your semiauto? I personally have a Remington Mod. 597 22LR and have tried Remingtons Sub-sonic loads. Not as quiet as expected and lots of trouble with ejection and jamming. Let me know please. I'd like to give them a try. I own a Marlin 60 as well!
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Default RE: crosman 760

Of course. It's a single load ammo only (even the Super Colibri that I shoot). In Marlin 60, the hardest is to load it, as you got to get round into the receiver manually. Loading tube will jam right away because Colibri is much shorter then normal round.
Ejection is fine, but manual of course. There's simply not enough recoil for semiauto to work. Other then that, it's a lot of fun. Death to the beer cans!
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