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.243 with BDC Scope

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Originally Posted by Nomercy448
The problem is each sheet is only good for those conditions and the particular zoom setting. When you change magnification, the ranges change. If you go up or down in elevation, the ranges change. If the temp outside changes, the ranges change. So a guy either becomes dependent upon carrying a mobile device and rerunning the parameters, or he carries a DOPE book full of read-out prints and has to match up his current conditions with their respective ranges for the reticle markings.

Or a guy buys a proper ranging reticle scope with regular intervals between markings and simply has to record how his load responds at different temps and elevations, or remember a rule of thumb for temp and elevation effects.
You don't have to carry a mobile device lol We all spend enough time in the field to know the "general" weather conditions for that time of year.... Now like you stated wind will be a different animal in itself but just to the general range of the turrets with the load the shooter is using it helps. I use them down here in Florida, had a coyote pop out at 300 yards held the third hasmark at the bottom of his chest and he didn't take a single step. I sighted the rifle in during the summer that day it was 25 degrees. Just print it out and clue it to the inside of a scope cap.

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If you read the instructions with the scope, almost all of them specify that the hashmarks are set for the scope's highest magnification.
Of course, there is no substitute for actual testing at the specified distance with your particular load.
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