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heavies in a 22-250?

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heavies in a 22-250?

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Default RE: heavies in a 22-250?

Soilarch, a heavier bullet don't "buck" the wind. Only thing a heavier bullet does is give better BC. Only thing that bucks the wind is getting from point A to B fastest. I know guys shooting 22-243 middlestead that shoots those real heavy bullets but they have 1 in 8 twist and that thing chucks it out fast to take advantage of the extra BC.
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Default RE: heavies in a 22-250?

Faster bullets have less wind drift; but heavier is better when the speed is the same - or more precisely, when the time of flight to the target is the same. For instance, the 100 grain Sierra .243 spitzer and the 180 grain Sierra .308 spitzer both have a ballistic coefficient of about .460. So their time of flight to the target is the same, and the trajectory is the same out to infinity - at any velocity, so long as they have the same muzzle velocity.

But the wind drift, at 500 yards in a 10 mph crosswind, is 20.3 inches for the .243 and only 16.8 inches for the heavier .308 bullet. (both bullets going 3200 fps) This really jumped out at me when I was reading an article in the American Rifleman quite a few years back that compared the trajectory and wind drift of the .300 Weatherby and the .50 BMG. The trajectory is really close - but the BMG's 750 grain bullet has about 1/2 the wind drift at long range.
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Default RE: heavies in a 22-250?

Wow i never realized how much effect BC had on the TOF, its amazing to me how that works. Totally openned my eyes from this point on i wont assume because something has a higher muzzle velocity its TOF will be faster then something with a lower muzzle velocity. Makes complete sense that the TOF would play the roll of howmuch a bullet suffers from wind drift. very very cool thanks for the insight Roskoe im sure you woke up a few others on here too.
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Default RE: heavies in a 22-250?

I like any .308" bullet with BC over .4 like 180gr A-Frame. I love barnes bullets with BC over .5. Makes 4" difference in TOF with 10MPH crosswind.
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Default RE: heavies in a 22-250?

Although Barnes are somewhat suspect in what they proclaim as BC and what actually can be calculated by MV and downrange retained V at the target.

I"m a 100% x man though and continue to use them as the BC regardless of it being mostly somewhat inflated, is still more than enough to work well.
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