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Default 270 wsm necked down to 243 or 25 cal?

Just wonder how it would work and what kind of velocities you could expect. I imagine that barrel life would be a concern since it was with the wssm but might you be able to push a vld bullet with a high ballistic coefficent at superior velocities for an extremely flat shooting rifle.

what do you think?

currently I shoot Prairie Rats with a 223 rem and just spend a lot of time with with my ballistics chart figuring bullet drop.
also, 22-250 but the 22 cal bullets drift so much with the wind.
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Default RE: 270 wsm necked down to 243 or 25 cal?

also, at what point do you reach the point of no return?

heard a scoff about a 22 cal on the 50 bmg once
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Default RE: 270 wsm necked down to 243 or 25 cal?

I would think that, based on the case capacity, you'd reach the point of diminished returns at about .257cal. After that poing you'll be so over bored that to small increases in velocity you get are outweighed by the massive amounts (relatively speaking) of powder you'd be burning. I would think that a .264 WSM might still be efficient enough to be practical, but nobody'd buy it as it's a 6.5mm. For some reason the 6.5mm's just don't stand a chance in the U.S. market, why I don't really know.

All I can suggest is that you go ahead and try it. Make the wildcat and a rifle to shoot it in and see how it works. It might not do worth a crap, but it'd be fun to try if you've got a bunch of excess money laying around.

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