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Fork Horn
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Default 130 grain vs. 150 grain (.270)

Ballistics Question..

I've compared the ballistics between 130 and 150 grain Supreme power point 270 bullets on the Winchester website and the 130 is obviously faster and flater shooting, but it also carries more kinetic energy than the 150..

This may sound dumb but why should I consider the 150 grain? At All! Even for larger game? As I understand it, the two things that cause the most damage is the energy dissipated and the bullet canal created by the mushroomed bullet. I am wondering what the extra 20 grains will buy me at the expense of the velocity, energy and trajectory.. I do feel that velocity is pretty important because really that is what seperates a 150 grain 30/30 from a 150 grain 30/06 or 300 mag..

Thanks in advance for your feedback and opinions.. If you're wondering I am strictly thinking about Barnes X bullets.
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Default RE: 130 grain vs. 150 grain (.270)

I use the 130 gr in my .270 Win for Deer. I've had nothing butexcellent results. Most shots were within 100 yds, however I have one buck kill at 385yds. The deer dropped on the spot. I've never considered the 150gr.
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Default RE: 130 grain vs. 150 grain (.270)

at what range did the 130gr carry more energy? It may at the muzzle but probably not at 300yds.
Besides energy, 150gr will be thrown around less by the wind on longer shots. Once you learn your round drop is easy to accomodate...wind is a mother, regardless. That and some guns will simply throw a 150 better than 130.

Im not saying to go with the 150, but thats why someone would consider a heavier bullet with less speed.
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Default RE: 130 grain vs. 150 grain (.270)

Well, one good reason for 150gr is penetration for larger game. Two don't believe alot of these websites. Plug in the numbers into your own bullistic calc and see what you come out with. As you are on e reloading page, I assume you are wanting to reload. So Three, differnt wieghts mayperform better in your rifle at different velocities. So alot of varibles for picking a bullet wieght.
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Default RE: 130 grain vs. 150 grain (.270)

I have had limited use of the 270 but have many hunting friends who shoot them for everything from coyotes to Grizzly Bears. From my experence and thiers, it makes very little difference which bullet you use. If one shoots berrer than the other in your gun then use it. The one exception would be big bears. There I would use the heavies bullet I could find. There are some 160 and maybe 170 grain bullets out there for the 270. For big bears I would use the 45-70 rather than anything smaller than the 30-06.
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Default RE: 130 grain vs. 150 grain (.270)

If you're on one of those ballistic sites, run a trajectory chart to compare the 130 and 150. You'll find little practical difference. The 150 gr. bullets are generally made with a thicker jacket for more controled expansion, hence deeper penetration. They are made for larger tougher game, though some like them on deer for less tissue destrucion, blood shot meat, ect they get on the smaller, lighter animal. Bullet construction plays a more important role in the killing power equation than raw charted ballistics. The bullet made to open reliably at long range(lower velocity) may have a tough time holding togeather on a shoulder shot at short range(high velocity). On the other hand, the bullet made to hold togeather on short range tough animals, has a hard time expanding at long range. This is why many have gone to the premium bullet types, though some are more successful at bridging the gap than others. The tougher premiums can cause trouble in the standard velocity rounds at long range. Kind of a long winded way of saying, you can't just look at the charts and pick the 130 for it's velocity level at the muzzle. For some applications, it works great, for others the 150 shines!
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Default RE: 130 grain vs. 150 grain (.270)

I handload Nosler 150 gr. Ballistic Tips in my .270 Winchester A-Bolt. All things being right, they will shoot into 1/2" at 100 yards. I use them on whitetail deer. I have tried 130 gr. BT's and haven't enjoyed the same accuracy as I get from the 150's in the same gun. The 150 BT has an extremely high B.C. which makes it a great long range bullet even though it starts out slower than a 130 grain BT. Knowing your guns trajectory and practicing at longer ranges will enable you to make a drop chart for long range shooting and that is where the 150 gr. really shines!
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Default RE: 130 grain vs. 150 grain (.270)

Mo hit on the best reason I can think of...accuracy. not all .270's like 130's. I shoot 130BT handloads and 150 speer hot-cor handloads. The rifle is set for the 130's that shoot sub-inch and the 150's shoot minute-of-deer in the woods. I see the 150's as an insurance policy up close and the fact I just like working up new loads... Shoot whatever your rifle likes.
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Default RE: 130 grain vs. 150 grain (.270)

the 150 grain has a higher sectional density which will give you better penetration.
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Default RE: 130 grain vs. 150 grain (.270)

I've used a bunch of different weights from 130-150. My favorite is 140 accu-bond. Been most accurate and most consistant 1 shot bullet I've used JMHO!
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