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how many guys deliberately down load larger cartridges

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how many guys deliberately down load larger cartridges

Old 04-08-2020, 08:19 AM
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I don't own one, but have thought the .460 Wby could be downloaded easily to get a 500gr to 2400-2500fps.

I think at one time wby loaded it to 2700+ fps but now load it at around 2600.

I'm surprised they don't offer a reduced load option at this point at 2400-2500 fps it would be a great option.
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Old 05-19-2020, 03:08 PM
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I download my sisters .357 revolver. I know she could shoot.38 Special rounds, but I don't want to buy .38 Special brass, so I down load .357 mag. brass. Good Luck.
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Old 05-19-2020, 06:41 PM
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I've deliberately loaded down a few cartridges. The first one I ever attempted was my 270 rifle. My somewhat recoil-shy cousin was getting into deer hunting, so I developed a lower recoiling load using a minimum charge of IMR 4064 behind a 130 grain Interlock. Can't remember the exact velocity, but it was in the lower 2,600s. My next attempt at a downloaded cartridge was a factory 460 S&W Encore barrel. With its low weight due to a thin taper barrel and lack of a muzzlebrake, I was honestly scared to shoot a full power load through it, so I developed a 45 Colt +p+ equivalent load using 250 grain XTPs and Unique powder at ~1,550 fps. When developing handloads for a 41 Magnum Ruger Blackhawk, I felt the recoil produced with a full power H110 load pushing 250 grain cast bullets to 1,230 fps was a bit much to be qualified as comfortable, so I used a load of Titegroup to get 1,000 fps instead.

Been meaning to try Trail Boss and 110 grain V-Max's in my 300 Weatherby to see if it will replicate supersonic 300 Blackout ballistics, but haven't got around to it yet.
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Old 05-21-2020, 05:39 AM
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the the fastest velocity ammo available, may not provide the best accuracy or penetration,
and it may also vary the impact point noticeably from a more accurate load.
or loads using different bullet weights and velocitys.
To hunt effectively you need ammo thats both consistent in its point of impact and provides decent accuracy.
one of my friends owns a 500 S&W revolver, hes got the 7.5" version,
and off a bench he can hold a 3"-4" 100 yard group with some ammo.
I reload for, him, and we tried about a dozen plus different combos.
if your dependent on commercial ammo you have zero control on availability, price or consistency.
one of his goals was to stock up on ammo once he has found a consistently accurate and effective load.
we tried quite a few factory loaded cartridges from available sources.
our goal was max accuracy and deep penetration.
most commercial loads use lighter weight jacketed bullets and they expand too fast for max penetration, in my opinion.
and swapping bullet weight and brands has a huge effect on the point of bullet impact, at ranges over 50 yards, in that revolver,
we found that pushing the hard cast gas check LEE 440 grain bullet
too much faster than a 20 grain charge of blue dot powder will achive
both reduces long range accuracy and does nothing useful for penetration in stacks of wet magazines.
that load in his revolver produces about 1340 fps.
thats certainly not a max load but its darn effective.
that loads devastating on hogs and we have never recovered a bullet so far as they all exit the far side so far.

btw if you need 50 cal gas checks , the link below may help, I found other vendors were out of stock

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Old 05-21-2020, 01:16 PM
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It seems to be in the zeitgeist to talk about accuracy before velocity, so I always expect to see these comments in this kind of thread.

From my personal experience, however, I have rarely had to choose one over the other. I’ve found many accuracy and velocity nodes above published book maximum load data, such my maximum accuracy AND maximum velocity went hand in hand. I’ve almost exclusively developed my loads to be near the maximum standard velocity for any given cartridge - because if I didn’t want all of that speed, I would simply use a smaller cartridge which didn’t eat so much powder to hit that speed.

It’s an observation bias which makes so many folks believe the best accuracy is typically found “below maximum”. At the other end, although never considered and certainly never discussed at similar volume, reloaders with equally find the best accuracy is typically “above minimum.” Load data is developed to produce accurate loads within a “window” between min and max. Like a window in your home, you can only see what is visible within the window - so when you plant a flower garden outside of the home, you purposefully center it in the view of the window. Inevitably, we’ve developed load data for generations to produce accurate loads within the pressure window - why are so many folks surprised to find that which data developers planned for them to find? Why are so many folks surprised to find what they seek, where they seek it? And why are folks surprised to not find something in a place they never look?
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Old 05-21-2020, 06:15 PM
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I've downloaded cartridges with heavy for caliber bullets to get them subsonic for suppressor work, but that's about the extent of me deliberately downloading rounds. I'm talking handgun calibers, for use in PCC's, but the same concept could probably apply for .45-70 or what have you.
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Old 06-12-2020, 05:11 PM
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I've got two words for ya:
Trail Boss
try it, you'll like it!
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There comes a time when it only makes sense
444 Marlin in a contender would be one of 'em
Attached Thumbnails how many guys deliberately down load larger cartridges-444-bipod.jpg  

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