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Default most accurate .243 ammo

I've been told that with the 9.5:1 ratio on my Stevens Model 200 .243, I need a heavier bullet to get the most accuracy. What is the most accurate ammo I can get off the shelf, and what is the most accurate you handloaders have found? I mostly hunt whitetails and the occasional coyote, both from 100-400 yards. I've had good luck with Remington 100gr core lokts. The largest I've found is the 115gr. Thanks for the help.
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Default RE: most accurate .243 ammo


This link suggests with 1:10" you would want 90-100gr bullets
with a 1:8" 105-107grs.

And my understanding is you can stabilize lighter bullets, its going heavier when you run into problems.

So with a 10" the heaviest you would want to shoot is 100grs, with an 8" 107grs, so with a 9.5" I think 100-105grs would be ideal, and 105 may be even too heavy.

Plus nowadays it seems most .243 factory ammo is 90-100grs, I mostly see 95gr premium bullets loaded, so I wouldn't really push for anything much heavier, if those 100grs shoot great, dont change it up, I don't think 105grs would do much more for you.

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Default RE: most accurate .243 ammo

It's not the weight of the bullet, it's the length. The heavier match bullets are longer thats why they don't stabilize in slow twist barrles. For deer I like the 100 grain Sierra Game kings and for all out accuracy I like the 87 grain V-Max with 40.2 grains of H4350. That load would be good for deer but I wouldn't stretch it out to 400 yards. For all that matters I wouldn't shoot a deer at 400 yards with a 243 with a 100 grain bullet. I guess it would work I just would like something with a little more Umph!
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Default RE: most accurate .243 ammo

Only by shooting in your rifle will you know what is the most accurate...My Ruger loves the 100gr CoreLokts, if yours does as well, it's all you need for the intended purposes...I've killed over 90 deer with that loading alone...

I do also like the Federal Premium 85gr Sierra GameKing HPBT for long range shooting of whitetails as well...Once you get past 200 yards, this bullet really starts to shine...
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Default RE: most accurate .243 ammo

You could try the 115-graiin stuff to see if it is good. But you won't necessarily get the very best accuracy with a bullet that heavy. Sometimes bullets that are lighter than themax. your rifle will stabilize will prove best. I used the 100-grain Remingtons in my .243, and they did not shoot well at all. IF they are good in your rifle, stick with them.
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