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Speer Bullets

Old 03-18-2003, 08:12 AM
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Default Speer Bullets

Does anyone use Speer bullets and if so how well do they perform on deer sized game? I will be using a Speer 120grn SPTZ bullet from a 25.06. Thank You!
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Default RE: Speer Bullets

I use Speer 87gr TNT for woodchucks but for deer sized game I use Hornady 120gr HP,accurate and deadly at close and long ranges...
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Old 03-20-2003, 09:06 AM
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Default RE: Speer Bullets

That bullet should work fine for deer. I have no experience with it however.

I have shot deer and antelope with 117gr Sierra Gameking. Excellent accuracy and performance.

I have also shot deer with the 115 Nosler Partition. Accuracy was good and performance was excellent.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Speer Bullets

I shoot alot of speer bullets. my 270 shoots 130 hot cores the best. killed a bunch of deer with them. i have noticed they do come apart but do alot of tissue damage.
now i shoot 165 gr grand slams in my 308 and they do a awesome job!
I have a box of 25 cal 120 sptz but i havent loaded or shot any yet. i am going to a heavier bullet next year in my 25-06 from 100 gr noslers b/t' s.
the nosler killed but i think a little heavier bullet will give better performance.
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Old 03-30-2003, 03:33 AM
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Default RE: Speer Bullets

just about any bullet will work for deer.....having said that, I' d recommend Hornady' s 120 gr hollow point.

I believe penetration is paramount and the inner groove of the Hornady bullets are superior to any non bonded bullets. BTW Hornady is coming out with a bonded bullet this spring.....and I' ll bet it' s going to be a winner.
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Old 04-02-2003, 03:58 AM
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Default RE: Speer Bullets

At the risk of offending the folks who like to blow a deer in half to be sure it dead, I have to say that I used to use the hot core speer bullets. They however damage a lot of meat. I second the Hornady Bullet although the Barnes X bullet would be my choice for a 25-06 and 243 Win. 100 gr. X for the 25-06 and either the 85 or 90 grain X in the 243.
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Default RE: Speer Bullets

For years, I have used the Sierra Game King boattail bullets for deer. They certainly do the job if my bullet hits in the sweet spot just rearward of the front shoulder, but I have had a couple of them blow up on bone when I used them at higher velocity. My favorite load is the 117 grain in my .257 Roberts, using 48 grains of MRP powder.

In recent years, I have experimented with Speer bullets. I took a black bear in Alberta last year with one shot at about 250 yards with a 180 grain Speer Grand Slam bullet from my .30-06. We recovered the bullet and it was a perfect mushroom. My other black bear was taken using the 180 grain Barnes XBT from the same rifle. It was also a one-shot kill, but the bullet went the whole way through and we didn' t recover it.

I am a believer in using decent well-constructed bullets for the tougher game. I don' t think it matters much what bullet you use for average whitetails if you hit them in the ribcage and take out the lungs. I still use the Sierra Boattails, and recently bought some Speer Hot Cor boattails to experiment with. I will try them on deer this fall.
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Default RE: Speer Bullets

I hope this link works for you. I took a photo of four bullets recovered from african game. When you go to the photo, the bullet on the far left was recovered from a wildebeest. It is a .30 cal 200 grain Trophy Bonded bullet from my .300 Weatherby. The two bullets in the center are also TB bullets recovered from a Kudu. The one on the right is a 400 grain Barnes X bullet recovered from the cape buffalo and shot from my .416 Rem. Mag.

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Default RE: Speer Bullets

I like the Hornady Interlok at 117 gr, coming out of my 257 Roberts at about 2850 fps. If your set on Speer the Grand Slam will do you good. Try a few different bullets in the same weight to see which your gun likes best.
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