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Typical Buck
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Default Ticks!

I must have collected a bushel off my camo so far this season!!
I've only been bitten once, yesterday, in a spot you'd rather not be bitten at all...I am allergic to their bite w/ localized itching & swelling; consequently, I know if there is one drilling in so generally they are removed pretty quickly.
I've gone through the treatment for Lyme disease a few years ago, the antibiotics took a toll on me themselves.
I recall a time when there were no ticks here at all; what happened?

It's one reason I'm looking forward to colder weather.
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i was out the other day and by the time i got to my stand i habd 8 on my pants and 4 on my jacket its been bad this season here in ma
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Had to treat one of my horses for lymes this year. For a while I was pulling one off me every single day.
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Was out two weekends ago in PA. Had two on my skin and 8 on my clothes. The little tiny ones, the ones that carry Lymes I think. Glad I found them quickly.
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Hear In Northern NY they have never been as bad as this year .
Had 2 found on me so far this year and both ended up in the house .
Wasnt even hunting when I had the first one drop off my hair hit my ear and fall to the floor .
My brother has found at least a dozen on him already . He was bitten on ther chest by one and luckly it turned out neg .
Not sure if it was the wet late summer wheather or early dry spell ????
Yes the smaller size ones are what were finding .
Normaly fin 1 or 2 on a Northern deer , Seen a buck shot yesterday and it was loaded with them ....
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Have you guys thought about getting that tick repelling camo?
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Originally Posted by westtexducks
Have you guys thought about getting that tick repelling camo?
Talk to me!

Currently I'm wearing coveralls so that has isolated them to the outside pretty effectively-it was answering the call of nature that got me...

I should have known what was coming this year, last Spring I took a little pre-pre-season scouting walk after which I had,IIRC, 48 ticks crawling on my legs !!!

I'd buy a sonic blaster if it worked!
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I went on a bow hunt in southern MS and ended up with 54 ticks on me. These ticks are the tiniest of tiny and they call them seed ticks here in the south. I immediately ordered some Sawyer's Permethrin from Cabela's that you spray on your camos. No more ticks or chiggers (redbugs in the south). Dries odor free. One treatment lasts for 6 washings. About $12 for a 24oz spray bottle.
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I've had Lyme disease twice now. The first time was real bad. My nervous system started shutting down. I had to go to a specialist in Boston and the treatment wasn't pleasant. The second time i caught it really early. Both times were in fishing season, the best spots always end at at ponds secluded up to 1/2 mile in the woods. That being said, Permethrin scares me more than the Lyme. Have you read the warnings on that stuff?
The answer is diligence. Check yourself after every outing in the woods. Have the wife check the areas you can't readily see.....(yikes)! Also, ticks do not crawl down only upwards. So always tuck your pants into your boots and your shirt into your pants. They often like snug warm places. Both mine were at the belt line. So if you have discomfort or a rash or a red spot with a halo... get checked. Don't try to be macho like me cuz it doesn't pay. That bug the size of the head of a pencil lead can and will take you down. I'm 240 pounds and not the sick type. I had only called in sick to work 3 days in 21 years prier to my Lyme battle.
Be smart and be safe.
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it truly is amazing the damage such a little creature can do. In my case, aside from what would now be obvious symptoms, I was experiencing a bit of neurological impairment- I just couldn't think straight or clearly express a thought. Scary.
I often wonder why do they exist, what niche do they fill? Misery?
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