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Old 11-18-2011, 05:14 PM
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Here is a link to that tick repelling camo.
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Haven't had many up here in northern Vt but I shot a buck today and after taking care of it and hanging it up my wife found one on my back as it was crawling up my shirt. I hate those damn things.
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Just get the Sawyer's Permethrin.I spray everything let dry then i keep it in a bag.No more ticks
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I've never seen a worse tick year. Wonder if it has anything to do with the inordinate lack of consecutive killing frosts
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Had two on me so far this year. One on my cheek (htf did he get THERE?!) the other on forearm.
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Real bad here in NJ as well! I do think it has to do with the wet humid weather and the lack of a consistant frost this late in the year. I had a guy (non hunter) help me with my stand this week and he almost crapped his pants when he pulled at least a hunderd ticks off himself. Funny thing was it wasn't even that thick of an area we were walking in.
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havent found any on me this season, thank god. I realize the risks of them now that my mom passed away due to a tick carrying lyme disease. be careful with them!
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is Sawyer's Permethrin really scent free after it drys .... i mean everybody says the stuff stinks during application how could it dry scent free ?Had 3 run ins with ticks this year myself and last night my wife had one on her shoulder after 3 hours of hunting ... no contact with a deer .
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You think after a couple good frosts and snow they would have taken cover - jeez
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ive never seen them so bad up north here, ever. check yourselves regularly guys ever shower!!
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