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Yes the Sawyers does smell when you put it on. I spray all my hunting clothes down a week or so before hunting then hang them outside to dry. No more smell. This stuff really works BUT do not put it directly on your skin. Again DO NOT PUT DIRECTLY ON YOUR SKIN. I attract another bug called a chigger like a magnet. Almost ended up in the hospital three times from the little buggers. Since I have started using the Sawyers not one single tick or chigger on me in over 5 years. You can also buy the base chemical in many farm supply stores and mix it to a 5:1 ratio with water. Saves money.

Yes it is very effecrive and NO there is no smell if you apply early enough.
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I just pulled a dead one off my tricep last night, thought it was a mole, but when I looked closer it was a tick. Pulled it off, black head, red body, smaller than an "average" tick. Bite location was dark blue/black and tick was dead when I removed it.

What's the symptoms of lyme, and how long do they take to show?
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Bob, that sounds peculiar. I am not an MD & don't want to sound alarmist but a visit to your physician may be in order.
Lately, a 1 time prophylactic dose of Doxycycline w/in 24 hrs of a bite is prescribed.
Myself, I was on a few regimens of it which caused it's own long lasting problems one of which was an allergic reaction-it's not to be taken lightly. Actual symptoms of Lyme can take a while to present, but why wait?
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Wholly ticks!!! I have never seen so many or had to remove so many in such a short period of time!! I had one that bored into me on Monday, had to have it removed by a DR. I spent the first half hour in my treestand in the dark, scouring my body for ticks every morning and again upon arrival to the camp. The 4 of us all had ticks EVERY day.

Here is a short video of a tick crawling on my hand:
look how fast those little buggers are!! GASP! I THINK I HATE THEM.....ALL....
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1st two days of PA rifle I had over forty of these on the clothes. Hopefully the cold weather makes them disappear. They've been nasty.
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Had my camo hanging up for a few days, went to put it on and there were 3 groupings of several (7-10) ticks clustered together just...waiting.
Spoke w/ a local veterinarian yesterday, he echoed the "worst year ever" sentiment.
Coincidentally, he has the same allergic reaction to the bite that I do with localized swelling & itching. Something to do w/ the proteins they inject to anesthetize as they bite.
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this year they been horrible i have been bitten twice in a month
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up here in zone 10 they are unbelievable. Last Saturday I would guess maybe 40 -50 ticks on my clothing. I can remember as a boy growing up playing in the woods everyday not getting a single tick on me. This is getting a little rediculous. I did get bit during bow season went to the doctor and didn't get much out of that visit. Just to keep an eye on it really helpful. I would like to see the state start to do more spraying, I have a feeling this would possibly help the tick situation a little bit. Its really discouraging.
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I have talked to guys as far west in PA and as far North in NY that have never seen deer ticks period and sure as heck not like this before and the places that were already bad are worse. Something is definitely going on. Whether its the climate or what?? Who knows??
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Default re

After reading this thread I'm convinced 2011 could be the worst year for Lyme Disease in the last few decades. I think it's a combination of the thing's. First, the increasing Tick population. Why it's increasing so much I haven't a clue. Second would be the very wet Fall & Winter and mild temperatures.

The Tick problem in PA and NY has been steadily growing the last decade. As other's have mentioned it's really getting bad and lot's of people are sick. Area's endemic for Lyme Disease are no longer just on the East Coast but right here in PA and NY. Thousand's of people each year (approximately 4,000-5,000 annually in Ny & PA) are being officially documented as being infected with Lyme by the CDC. In Pa & NY it's estimated only about 10% of Lyme cases get reported. How many other thousand's fall through the crack's and arn't diagnosed is anyones guess.

IXODES DEER TICK'S are small with the back half of their body a burnt orange color. The Nymph's in the Spring and early Summer are extremely small most would never noticed one attached. In many area's Deer ARE NOT the primary host for Tick's it's small rodent's like Mice, Chipmunk's, etc.

Anyone that has a tick attachment history need's to be on guard for Lyme Disease and possible Co-Infections like Babesiosis, Bartonella and Ehrlichiosis. Any Rash, not just a bullseye, is suspect of infection. Research over the last 30 year's has proven some of the Myth's about Lyme Disease are just that. Only 10-30% of people with Lyme ever get the typical Erythema Migran's bullseye rash.

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