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ManySpurs 01-27-2010 03:17 AM

Originally Posted by germain (Post 3563866)
Heck BT I didn't know you hung out over there.:cool15:

Also went undercover and went into peta and got banned.You know I asked those clowns if it was OK to spank my monkey when it's bad and they took me serious.:rolleye0011:
Got kicked out of the peta sucks site cause the kids in there thought I was anti hunter.Pizzed me off.


Dont know about you but If I were angry about something as important as my hunting, I certainly wouldnt give up and stay home. Think about it.
BTB.....look at it this way and I think perhaps you'll get a better feel....and I think I'm speaking for alot of folks in the more distant corners of our state from Harrisburg because I am in touch with many of them.

Why should I/we travel 3-4 hours to Harrisburg to serve up a 5 minute recital when I can set here, with all the comforts of home, and communicate with all of the players involved by email, snailmail and telephone. You DO realize that these players all have telephones don't you? Best of all, I can express my views over the course of an hour long conversation a he11uva lot better and with alot more substance to back up my views on the phone than I can with a 5 minute stand at the podium.

Sure, it would have been nice to see a standing room only crowd in that auditorium. However, I take into consideration that there were quite a few folks from up this way that had plans to travel to Harrisburg. Unfortunately, Jim Slinsky had a LTE in the Potter Leader last week in which he stated that he knew of several busloads of disgruntled hunters that were going to show up for the meeting, and many of the folks that I know from up this way figured with suvh a large turnout, they might as well stay home.

There's alot of reasons why that auditorium wasn't filled, and a plethora of happy hunters isn't one of them. BTW BTB, why weren't you there voicing your support?

sproulman 01-27-2010 10:51 AM

protest in harrisburg,pa.
i found out about this protest 4 days before it was to happen.
it would cost me 50 dollars in gas and eating on top to go.
5 years ago when i was making 10,000 in bank on my interest yearly,now i am making -500 dollars, thats right ,fees are more than the interest we get.economy is bad............
then you have weather etc.

right now no one seems to care anymore locally here in clinton county on deer, they are just worn down.older farts are dying off,young farts taking over.the dcnr has the local clubs to point they agree with them on having no deer.our clubs are now hiking/canoeing, birdwatching clubs.nothing wrong with those people, i like to do all those things too but DEER hunting is way down list now.

this is why when you see memberships in local clubs its 90% out of area people with over half that dont hunt .10% used to be other way around.

things must be getting bad on deer numbers out of WMU2G of pa. also. every year i am seeing more hunters in clinton county than year before.if hunting was great elsewhere, they would stay is most likely getting close to being as bad as here.
also more hunters are moving around where they see A DEER.
THIS IS putting a lot of hunters in 1 area........

also you cant just go sit in woods now.most dont know how to stalk a deer so they join a CREW or camp group.most tell sproul this,SPROUL I USED TO GO SIT AND SEE A DEER, NOW I SIT FOR DAYS AND SEE NOTHING.
this is why i am now seeing big crews again15/20 hunters.looking at most, they dont look like very good hunters to me.........

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