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News on Piggies in NY

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News on Piggies in NY

Old 01-08-2010, 01:13 PM
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Default News on Piggies in NY


I was planning on hiking/scouting the nummerous tracts of state land south of Syracuse this summer looking for for these guys but it seems that might be frowned upon. I want to hunt this things in the worst way.
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Old 01-08-2010, 06:22 PM
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There is some state land in the area.
Few if any of the farmer/landowners are going to allow access.
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Old 01-08-2010, 07:04 PM
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“Based on the experiences in other states, from the standpoint of eradication, intention hunting or pursuit of breeding groups is the worse thing you can do,” she said. “Anyone hunting or harboring groups of these animals is not doing themselves or other sportsmen a favor in the long term.
This it total unadulterated bull crap: i fully expect this kind of trash from a fish and game weenie employed by the state. Oklahoma is over-run with hogs because of this exact same idiotic attitude. The hunting of hogs does not "scatter" them. Hogs "scatter" themselves because they are prolific wide ranging animals in search of food. Pretty soon those NY farmers will be screaming for the state to do something because the hogs are tearing up their corn and soybean fields. i've seen what a big sounder of hogs can do to a soybean field that is ready for harvest and its flat amazing.

Hunting wild hogs is my hobby. i hunt the suckers at least two days per week 12 months of the year. Wild hogs in OK are having a very adverse impact on the deer population. Have seen hogs run the deer off game plots, out of wheat fileds, away from feeders and away from water holes. In a year when mast is scarce, the hogs will thrive while the deer starve.

i have seen sounders of hogs with well over 100 animals in them tearing up on OK wheat fields. Despite all the damage that wild hogs do in OK we are not allowed to hunt them at night. OK does not allow one to hunt hogs with a centerfire rifle in the WMAs outside of deer gun season. Yet the OK F&WD folks shoot hogs from helicopters in those same WMUs.

One of these days there is going to be an outbreak of hoof and mouth disease in the wild hog population and the states will then get serious about wild hogs.

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Old 01-12-2010, 06:03 AM
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Seems like the pigs will prefer agricultural areas for the best forage. Most of the state land down there is marginal for that. They will move around alot. I would think the best chance is to knock on doors and talke with landowners as to who has seen them regularly. Just because one party is refused land access doesnt mean someone else will also be refuses. Dress appropriatly, be pleasant and not mouthy, and appreciative of thier time, even if turned down. Neighbors talk. It seems like the pigs are very much a target of opportunity there. Perhaps access permission to hunt ground hogs would be easier to acces,, then you can scout?
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Old 01-12-2010, 09:40 AM
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Right now those seeking to hunt them are far more of a problem to the farmer/landowners then the pigs are themselves. The door knockings and work interuptions seeking access and discussions are wearing thin on many. Not to mention the huge increase in tresspassing incidents.

Most of the farmers own guns and most hunt or have people who do. If the pigs show up and are a problem, they take care of it. They are not looking to be a destination target for northeast hog hunters.

Disclaimer: While I live close by, I neither hunt those areas or am seeking to.
Just letting you know what the current attitude is there before you waste time with the drive.
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Old 01-19-2010, 08:09 AM
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I have gotten some permission to hunt them, many will say no but when it gets to the point where you can turn a tractor trailer around a cornfield without running over a stalk, they will let you in easier. Most seem to say that a few years ago was prime for them, and most say less numbers this year. I have seen some sign even on state land and they are still around. nocturnal for the most part and they like the thickest stuff you can imagine. There have been more being hit by cars at night the last month or two, must be moving more for food with the snow.
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