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Scared Hikers

Old 11-01-2007, 08:52 AM
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Default Scared Hikers

The $10,000 Reward post got me thinking about meeting people in while hunting. Then I got to thinking about non hunters meeting us in the woods. Here in the Adirondacks High Peaks I hunt mostly public land. With our early start to the season and the nutso warm weather I've been running across many more hikers and leaf peepers than before.

Alot of them arealready wary about hunter types anyhow. So out to the underbrush pops this large strange man wearing 99.9% camo, stinkin of fresh dirt/deer urine cover scent, carrying a canon that to them looks like it can kill a elephant at 2 miles, and wearing a knife. Grunting and sweating with a wild eye look that one can only get from bushwacking 2 miles of High Peaks dead fall. And to top it all off they are about 1 mile or so from the trail head. That has got to a nervous expierence for them.

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Default RE: Scared Hikers

We aren't looked at very nicely by other outdoor enthusiasts, that is for sure! With stories like the shooting incident in the other thread, why would we? I know these type of stories are fairly rare, but in the last few years we had that incident in Wisconsin that got national attention, add to this all the more minor offenses hunters get themselves in trouble for everywhere and one could honestly say that our bad reputations are no ones fault but our own. I know many hunters try to think of themselves as patriotic, law abiding model citizens, but when I stop and recall all the nonesense I have seen while out hunting, I am sorry to say there are probably more clowns out there hunting than there are good people. I also take part in other outdoor activities and can't say that I have seen a fraction of the nutcases I have seen while hunting. This tells me a lot!
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Default RE: Scared Hikers

Remember, a lot of those hikers, photographers, mountain bikers, etc. are hunters, also. Damage control starts by setting a good example in all of the activities you do.
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Default RE: Scared Hikers

No matter what their reaction, just be NICE. Be polite, chat and above all else, be very aware of muzzle control, don't let that thing point anywhere even remotely close to the folks.

They may have a negative image of hunters, but it may be based on nothing. Be nice, chat, be polite and be safe. May just change thier opinion.
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Default RE: Scared Hikers

Remember, a lot of those hikers, photographers, mountain bikers, etc. are hunters, also.
I don't know if I would agree that a lot of them are hunters also. Some are, but it has been my experience that most are not. If they were hunters why would they look at us in the way most of them do? They wouldn't have such a startled, frightened look on their faces when they ran into us if they were hunters. Most of the avid hikers, bikers, etc. I have come across are more likely to be from urban areas and in general better educated than the run of the mill hunter. This is not a knock on hunters, just a general observation I have made when I compare hunters I have known to others outdoor enthusiasts I have come across.
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Default RE: Scared Hikers

Wear a ghillie suit next time, and they will think they saw Bigfoot!
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Default RE: Scared Hikers

When I run across other people, I always go out of my way to get their attention and chat them up. It goes a long way towards improving relations.
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Default RE: Scared Hikers

we hunt private property. Any stranger there is tresspassing. Last year we had hunters running off the land when they say us coming.
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Default RE: Scared Hikers

Never had a problem per se, but I did have a very interesting experience. Bow hunt 4 years ago, full camo w/gloves facemask, etc., walking along a trail on public land and I hear a noise coming down the trail. I went 3 feet into the woods leaned against the closest tree raised my bow (did not draw) and waited. 2 minutes later a cute lady on horseback comes walking down the trail. Not knowing what to do - and not wanting to spook the horse,I remained motionless. It was all going to plan untill the horse gets even with me and must have scent busted me. They most definitely didnt see me. The poor horse got all squirrely and the poor lady is whoaing over and over. It was too much to just sit there so I let out a big WHOA and raised my arm. The horse was cool with it but the poor lady almost had a heart attack and jumped clear out of the saddle. When she did finally stop shaking from nerves,we talked for a few minutes. I told her I was going to just let them walk by but the horse must have smelled me so I tried to do what I thought was best. In the end it all worked out OK. Multiuse land with multiple users. Isn't that the point?
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Default RE: Scared Hikers

i think a day will come when you will not be able to carry a gun on hiking trails in woods.
you should see looks i get from women with my .357 pistol in my banderlo holster when i walk trails with my dogin feb here in pa.
they are scared to death..
actually i would be more scared to death if i did not have pistol.

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