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Help NJ

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Thanks for the props guys...normally I dont sound as anal...I promise not to climb up on my soap box anymore. And I didnt mean to offend anyone, or wage an attack...its just that facts are facts...New Jerseys "bad management" is caused by NJ's hunters lack of patience.

Mark Drury quote "You cant see a 170" if you take him as a 150"apply it to whatever size of deer you are looking to harvest...and then dont shoot the small buck. Most cost effective game management I can see...$100.00 for my tags filled or unfilled...or $100 to shoot a 130's class deer next thats a ****load cheaper than a years worth ofBio-Logic.

And again, I do understand that a trophy is in the eye of the beholder...but for the majority of guys saying they want bigger heavier deer and shooting nothing but first year racks...nothing but time will do that regardless of what you feed them...thats just nature.Take a 2 year old kid...can you make himthe size of a 6 year old by giving him vitamins and minerals? Same thing with deer. UNless of course you "import" genetics"...well if we are going to build a super herd...why dont we high fence it like almost all of Texas, import the best genetics...and then evryone regardless of skill level, time in the woods, scouting, etc. can shoot whatever they can afford to pay for...Only time is going to get it done. And what it comes down to, is no one seems to want to wait it out.

Just my 2 cents.


No takers on the invite to MOnmouth Good luck everyone, deer are starting to rut a lil harder with the cold I am going to go climb into my tree now...
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Default RE: Help NJ

Oh I forgot to mention that there are a lot of "pocket" and "backyard" deer running around the 1500 acre WMU Turkey Swamp in Freehold's Monmouth county too!
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