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Rifles in Illinois


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Originally Posted by Zim View Post
This is a joke, right? Alabama??? See that big white hole in the bottom of the map? Do you even need to see the stats?
are you serious?? I STATED the PAST 10 yrs, your map doesn't even show this info?? its stops at 2005, and that is what 14 yrs before the time frame I have listed TWICE for you now??
can/do you READ your own info your posting!???

and again!
your still missing the point!
you must have a hard time in life!

there are MORE P&Y and B&C recorded bucks from AL in the past 10 yrs, FACT
than in the decades before
and they still use rifles and have insane long deer season and limits
is my point, which pokes holes in your worries!

and again, you are a trophy hunter, if you want trophy sized deer, GROW then on your own land and quit trying to THINK a game dept should do this for you, your NOT that special! LOL
goals of a game depot and your's are NOT and will NEVER be the same
SO< rather then CRY about things and refusing to hunt places
WHY not invest more time into finding places in states you wish to hunt and hunt PRIME lands, either you make them prime, or you gain access to places others have done the HARD work you seem to lack desire to do!
why do you think QDM even got to the point its at, its due to HUNTERS wanting to make places better for themselves, over what the state does for them!

I have been doing QDM, and building food plots JUST for deer since 1989, (was one of the white tail institutes first field tester in PA) and I have managed many lands for deer over the yrs and grew a lot of bucks that scored in the B&C numbers in states NOT known for BIG bucks too!

your fear of rifles is again SILLY< its not the weapon that makes the choice on what sized deer one takes! and your thinking a STATE game dept should manage for trophy's is again, never going to happen, trophy hunters are too small a percentage of the number of deer hunters in any state for them to do so!
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Originally Posted by Zim View Post
Yes and you want to see the result of your state's two week, two buck rifle seasons? Take a gander............https://shop.qdma.com/boone-crockett...1996-2005.html See those big white areas..............the UP & northern Michigan?

I know several die hard trophy buck hunters who actually relocated from Michigan to Iowa permanently. They were just disgusted and gave up on the management.
yes if your that much of a DIE hard deer hunter, do the same thing then??

as your example is NOT helping you, your crying about things in your home state NO??
feel free to move to Iowa
and learn about group tag hunting!, how easy it is to gain access to PRIME land

I have friends that own a lot of land in Iowa! and I have also hunted there a few times myself!

I have also hunted places like Alberta Canada that is KNOWN for HUGE bucks, lots of B&C and P&Y, and guess what they too have a rifle season?? LOL
as well as many other places in Canada that also have huge bucks and again use rifles to hunt them!
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Absolutely nothing has changed in neither Michigan nor Alabama for decades. They both have long rifle seasons in peak rut. The same is true for any other state as well. Long rifle seasons in peak rut have crappy buck quality and always will. Period.
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