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Hunting Knives

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Default Hunting Knives

I hope this is the correct forum to ask this question. What do you hunter like as far as knives? For gutting, skinning so on and so forth. There are so many companies out there. And i would like to purchase some but am not sure which is a quality set. I am getting a little tired of using my military k-Bar for everything not to mention it is a little on the large side.
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Default RE: Hunting Knives

How much you wanna spend

That's a good place for us to start with suggestions.

Keeping things REAL general: I think the steel is most important part of a knife, the second is what type of edge (how you sharpen it) it has. The first one you're stuck with, the second you can experiment and improve upon. Most commercial made knives are going to stainless. D-2 steel being the exception. It is not "technically" a stainless because it's chromium content is just shy of the required 4% (i think, cloudy on the numbers). It's practically a stainless, and while it's a bear to sharpen will hold an edge for good, good long time. 440C is a great standard SS. It is NOT the same as 440A and 440B!!!! ATS-34, 154-CM, VG-10, S30V, S60V,S90V,AUS-6.AUS-8 are all steels that can be found and that CAN make great blades as well! The heat treat process can make or break the best and the worst steels in the world. This is why buying from a known and respected brand comes in. 420 is the low end of stainless, and while I love buck knives for the money, that's what they use.

Now you can always just find one that looks cool, feels goods, and fits your budget...but what fun is that!? lol

I like 4" drop points for a do-all hunting knife. I think guthooks are a great little idea but can't bring myself to buy a knife with one on the blade, and I seem to manage just fine. The real key is to just learn how to...and then keep that thing scary sharp.
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Default RE: Hunting Knives

I have used the "Outdoor Edge" knoves and kits for awhile. They are pretty good. They keep a real good edge for me anyways. Being a professional butcher for over 20 years I am partial to my knives. I am also bias about different knives. I think based on what I have experienced with the Outdoor knives, you will enjoy them. They come in different packs that you can choose from based on your needs. Other than that, Buck knives, Gator, and a few others that you can find about in any sperting goods store will be fine.

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Default RE: Hunting Knives

Bought a 16 dollar knife from Wally world has a gut hook, blade and saw. Remmington or Winchester can't remember. It's great! Figured what the heck, kids can always use it if it's crap, far from it. Gutted 3 deer with it and it's still good to go.
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Default RE: Hunting Knives

Its all how much $$ you want to spend. I personally like Benchmade knives. I have some made of M2, D2 and154cm steel. The 154 is stainless but it takes a little time to sharpen. They do hold an edge real well. M2 and D2 will rust but I have never had it happen. They are easier to sharpen and hold an edge just as well as the 154cm. I have an AFCK, Stryker, and Auto Stryker I bought on ebay for around $100 each. They do have some that are cheaper but they are made with cheaper steel too. I have never tried one of those.
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Default RE: Hunting Knives

As far as how much to spend. There have been a few knives whitetail skinner and a kbar with a gut hook. Those are the one i have been kinda looking at. The other ones i have been looking at are knives of alaska. Maybe that will give an example of what i am looking to spend.
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Default RE: Hunting Knives

Knives of Alaska is a well respected brand. Bark River has a strong following too on some of the knife forums. KOA uses D-2 alot.

But when you're hovering just over the $100 mark you can get handmade knives made in those sizes.

What are your most important features?
Easy sharpening?
Stainless Steel?
Comfortable handle?
Does you need a guyhook?
Pretty wood or impervious synthetic handles?

Like I said before, buying a knife can be real simple...or it can get complex in a hurry. At the end of the day it's all a matter of preferences.
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Default RE: Hunting Knives

I like Gerbers. My most recent is a exchange-a-blade Freeman, it has swapable 4" drop point, gut hook and bone saw.
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Default RE: Hunting Knives

i love my outdoor edge big game skinner...

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Default RE: Hunting Knives

get a buck omni hunter.....they are relatively inexpensive, have a guthook and are comfortable in your hand
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