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Best Caliber

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Default Best Caliber

Whats up guys. I'm getting ready to buy a new rifle. I've made my decision on the Model 700 XCR II. I just can't decide what caliber to get. I want one that will hunt pretty much every big game here in North America. Capable of putting down an elk at 600yrds. (highly unlikely shot, but I'd like the capability if possible) but also capable of dropping a whitetail without blowing a huge whole in it. I had a friend tell me 30.06 would be best. What do you think?
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You can't go wrong with good old 30-06
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i would recommend .308. .270 is a bit on the light side, but would still work.
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Originally Posted by Joot
You can't go wrong with good old 30-06
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Might want to read this - still one man's opinion;

One caliber/gun - I'd go with the 7MM RM
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Ah, the eternal hunters quest. The rifle that is powerful enough for everything but not gross overkill on anything.

I have to agree with the previous poster who recommended the 7mm Rem Mag. It fills the bill about as well as anything we currently have.

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30 cal. is my choice. For one rifle ... hard to beat the 30.06 Spr.

Not to lecture here but I have a pet peeve when it comes to caliber and cartridge. Lots of folks refer to a certain cartridge as a "caliber". This is very common and what I consider an innocent error. Caliber is reference to the outside diameter of the bullet. Cartridge is a descriptor of the case in wich the bullet rests. And the two are not interchangeable terms.

Example .... the 30/30 Win., the 308 Win., the 30.06 Springfield, the 300 Win. Mag, , the 30-378 ... etc. are all 30 caliber rounds. In this example, each "case" capacity increases from the "mild" 30/30 Win. to the behemoth 30-378. ... more powder ... which translates generally into capable of higher velocities .... and delivering heavier recoil! To me "caliber" simply does not tell the whole tale.

But you're talking elk at 600 yards ? That is a heck of a poke. My guess would be 300 Win. Mag. or 338 Win. Mag. .... something along that line.

I am off the stump. The 30.06 Spr. will handle bullets from 110 gr. up to 220 gr., with the 150 grain to 180 grain being about optimal. I have never hunted elk, moose or bear, but I read where with the right bullet the round can deliver a quick kill to these larger critters. But at 600 yards .... hmmmm?

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I got 30.06 and I think it's the best choice.
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I have 8 30/06 nothing wrong with them but got two 300 why, a 338 win and a 35 whelen for the big stuff. I mainly use a 7mm rem for deer.
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Yes, the age-old question. The .30-06 is about as "jack-of-all-trades" as you're going to find. But, the 7mm RM is a solid recommendation as well. I wouldn't use either on an elk at 600 yards.
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