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I'm not into all the high tech stuff for the hunting part of it, but IMHO using a phone or radio for contacts between guys for safety going up and down out of stands like the OP mentioned is a smart ******* thing to do.

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Originally Posted by Deepsouthdeerjunky
2) also, a cheap little flashlight app has been helpful in some instances... it sure is nice to have something handy while packing up after dark if you didnt bring a flashlight or the batteries have recently died.
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I bring a phone with me, in an emergency it may be helpful if by some miracle I can get a signal. But I will never rely on it when I am out there... ever...
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Hi mace1700!

First, thanks for posting this question. All of the negative comments about "not being a real hunter if you use tech" are not true or necessary. This day and age, the question you asked is fair one. Also, I'd still be in the woods whether cell phones existed or not. They weren't around when I was growing up and I still spent a lot of time hunting and fishing, but now I find them very helpful. They do have a valid place in the woods and some app's can enrich the hunting experience.

There is certainly nothing wrong with you and your father having a system that leverages technology to help ensure you're both safe getting into and out of a tree stand. That's smart. I often hunt alone and I take my phone with me in case I were to suffer an injury (slip and fall while climbing out of a stand on a rainy/icy/snowy day) or if I'm out later than usual I can call my wife and let her know that I'm OK so that she doesn't worry. That's just smart hunting.

I like to use google maps to review the property and identify good tree stand locations or shooting lanes. I mark them on "My Maps" in Google. I can pull up those maps on my phone, if necessary. I use iSolunar to monitor solunar schedules. I previously used the Cabelas app, but it recently changed and isn't good for anything but browsing their website. It lost the mapping and ballistics features it once had. I'm searching for a new ballistics app. I've used the Primos Hunting Calls app a couple times, but not that often. I mostly use it to listen to turkey sounds while I practice my calling skills. I torture my poor wife and ask her to tell me how close my mouth call sounds to the recorded sound on the app. Lastly, I might use Flick Golf while sitting in a tree stand on a slow day!

I'll have to check out the iHunt Calls and Sounds or Whitetail Freak app that you and Deepsouthdeerjunky recommended. They both sound helpful. Thanks to both of you for mentioning them.
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No signal in my woods. But why not use it if it works for you!
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i use whitetail freaks Property manager to mark my stands, cameras, mineral licks, food plots, etc. This App is wonderful, plus it gives me something to ponder while i am unable to be in the woods!
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There's an app called deer scouter. It's awesome! U can mark out rubs and scrapes and treestands cameras everything. Very helpful for finding travel routes. Don't worry about all these so called hard core hunters that swear by hunting the hard way. Most are not that big of outdoorsman as they claim I'm sure. Good luck
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I'd rather save my cellphone's battery for emergency than for apps.
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Fade : fall detector
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Originally Posted by ramripper
I bring a phone with me, in an emergency it may be helpful if by some miracle I can get a signal. But I will never rely on it when I am out there... ever...
What he said.
Same goes for me.
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