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Advice on Starter Bow to buy

Old 08-31-2010, 10:35 AM
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Default Advice on Starter Bow to buy

I'm new to bow hunting and I'm not to sure what to buy. My price range is about $250 bucks. I'd like something that would be good to grow with until I can afford something better.

I deer hunt now but with a rifle however I recently got bitten by the bow bug and loved it. So any advice would be greatly apperciated.

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Old 08-31-2010, 01:58 PM
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Congrats on giving bowhunting a try. There are tons of good bows out there. Most of the major players have "entry level" set-ups. Go handle (and maybe even shoot) as many as you can. Visit any local archery clubs and ranges. Once you find ones that fit correctly (and that you like) start price shopping. Check the classifieds here and other sites, check Ebay and the big box stores. Good luck.
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Old 08-31-2010, 02:34 PM
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If you can come up with about a hundred dollars more I'd highly recommend the Diamond Razor's Edge. It is a great bow I bought one for my wife last year. I don't know how old or large you are but assuming you are still young and not adult size it will adjust with you until you reach adult size. Even once you are at adult size it has 60lbs of draw so is suitable for really any North American game. The bow is also very very fast compared to the other bows on the market in a comparable size range.

Now assuming you are an adult. There are many many choices on available. I'd recommend visiting your local archery shop and trying various bows out. Get your draw length measured and all of that good stuff. Ebay is a great place to find good bows and honestly there are some good deals on here as well for bows.

Good Luck!
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Old 09-03-2010, 09:33 AM
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Hey String,

Visit some of the local archery shops in your area. You can usually find good used bows at very good prices. Archery centers with shooting ranges are even better, members are always selling stuff and most members will provide a good deal to someone young looking to get in the sport.
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Old 09-05-2010, 09:44 AM
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Default Newbie: What Kind of bow -traditional or Compound

For any newbie interested in a compound bow, I'll give you the bad news.

My price range is about $250 bucks

They don't make a NEW compound shooting bow for only $250. Traditional bows I have no recent familiarity in decades. Buying a new compound bow is like buying a new vehicle, then having to buy the tires, the steering wheel, a windshield and headlights. The bow is useless without the extras that come after you buy the new bow.
I don't know of a new shooting bow under $400 that a newbie would get. Basic stripped new low-priced bows are running near $300, with the added cost for sight, rest, quiver, arrows etc.

I'm not to sure what to buy

With the changes, no one is sure at all, even three years after buying a new bow.

I deer hunt now but with a rifle

If you stay with the rifle hunting, you will avoid getting involved in the high costing bows found at the pro shops.
But then, you could have the archery bug real bad

I'd recommend you look at the site, "Hunter's Friend". That will give you a good basic education in what non-pro shop bows cost. You can learn the pro shop costs by going to a neighborhood pro shop dealer.

Get an idea on what you have to pay and will only pay, and work from there.

Good Luck. My sympathy to any newbie.

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Old 09-05-2010, 11:30 AM
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Go to an archery range or bow shop and find out your draw length and approximately how much weight you can pull back. Then starting shopping archery talk and craigslist. You will be able to find a used pse, martin, or bear for $250'ish. I spent $25 on my first bow, a bear whitetail II, and $60 on a martin firecat. They may not be as fast or light or flashy as the new bows, but they are still deadly in the right hands.
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Old 09-05-2010, 01:02 PM
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My buddy bought a nice little older Hoyt for $100 bucks on craigslist. Some people don't know what they have. Be patient and look for a great deal. It will come along. It came with everything he needed. It even had a Morrel target that was like new. He spent another $150 bucks at sportsmans and had setup that would work for anyone.
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Old 09-07-2010, 11:10 PM
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Like others have said, check out a proshop. However if you have a Cabelas or Bass Pronear by, check them out they have good brands for good prices. If you can you might want to up your price about $100 or so. I know, easier said than done. But whatever you decide on getting, practice practice practice. I got my first elk ever on my first bow. It was a PSE Beast. the whole package was $300.
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