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AntlerAddict07 04-13-2006 04:30 PM

RE: Ford F-150
The expedition i have right now gets 13 in city and 16 on the highway. So im hoping the truck will get 15 or so city and maybe 20 on the highway since it should be lighter but we will see.Thanks everyone for the input.

PSEMuzzy 04-14-2006 07:12 AM

RE: Ford F-150
[quote]Think before you buy, with gas prices going up to $3.00 this summer.

Try more like $4.00 a gallon by the end of summer. You can thank good ole George Bush and his worthless administration for that.

PSEMuzzy 04-21-2006 11:51 AM

RE: Ford F-150 loc=isp-12&related=off&from=news

Serioushunter1 04-21-2006 12:12 PM

RE: Ford F-150




Friday April 21, 2006
GM Recalls 4 Million Trucks
[/align]Source: General Motors
Published: March 18, 2004

[/align]General Motors Corp. is recalling 4 million 2000-2004 model-year full-size pickup trucks to replace tailgate support cables that may corrode and fracture.

The recall involves certain 2000-2004 Chevrolet Silverado's and GMC Sierra's built between October 1999 and October 2003. Also, some 2002-04 Chevrolet Avalanche and Cadillac Escalade EXT trucks built between March 2001 and October 2003 are being recalled.

There have been reports of 134 minor injuries related to this condition but no crashes or fatalities.

The automaker said due to the large number of vehicles involved in this recall, the replacement cables will not be available immediately, so the notification and repair process will occur in phases. For now GM advises all owners to avoid applying direct loads to the tailgate until the cables can be inspected and, if necessary, replaced.

During the third quarter of this year, GM will begin notifying the first round of owners of the vehicles involved in this recall.

Replacement of the support cables will be performed at no cost to the customers, GM said. If an owner experiences a fracture of the tailgate support cables, the customer should contact the dealer to arrange for service as soon as possible.

Read Full Story at General Motors
Read more Defective Cars news

Reader Comments


Joel (ford truck guy) says:
hey chevy or gmc people....... GET A damn FORD TRUCK. gm have way too many recalls and unsafe driving. if your engine fell out HAHAHA too bad cause its chevy or gmc. gm are junk. built chevy weak!!!!!!!! also gmc
Posted by: Joel (ford truck guy) on November 26, 2005
Bob says:
I was driving down the road in my 1992 gmc sonoma and my engine fell out and i ran over it and i coasted 10 miles with no engine....i left in on the side of the road and have not seen it since.
Posted by: Bob on November 22, 2005
DDDWE3 says:
1997 Chevy Silverado Z-71 brakes go to the floor. Have invested over $1,200.00 to have them serviced at a GM service department with bad results. Brakes still to the floor. Intake gasket was culprit for miss in engine at cruise speed after GM service department charged over $250.00 for tune up parts and labor. Don't know if the gasket work stopped themiss because can not drive the GM truck because it is unsafe to drive. Wouldn't want to hit GM mechanic in parking lot due to unsafe brakes now would we? According to all of these postings, the GM people should know about these problems. Am I alone in this assumption? I hope the prior posting about dirty wheel sensors works. I am going to inform the GM mechanic about this simple fix. If it works or does not work I will place another posting to let others know about it. GM needs to own up to their problem before deaths occur. Am sure it has happened sometime/somewhere...later on
Posted by: DDDWE3 on October 29, 2005
John E. says:
The windshield wipers on my 1998 GMC Sierra worked fine for the first 5 years but during the past 2 years they work when they want to. We live in a desert area and do not use the wipers very often but now it is a crapshoot on their availability. I have noticed that if I turn the ignition off for a few minutes the wipers usually come on after restart. The last time at the dealers for routine maintenance I asked them to look at problem. They said they were too busy that day but to ask again during next maintenance. After reading comments from others, this next appointment should be interesting .
Posted by: John E. on October 26, 2005
J. Weisman says:
And all you out there with wheel speed sensor and bearing/hub problems, I have that too. I have a whole christmas tree of warning lights on my dashboard.
Posted by: J. Weisman on October 24, 2005
J. Weisman says:
Hey T.Seipel(8/17/05),
I would like to point out that I am having the same (secondary air pump in the emissions system) problem with my '01, S-10, ZR-2. The first time when the engine light came on the dealership told me it was because my gas cap was loose (feeling awfully stupid, I didn't force them to run diagnostics on it until a month later when the light still had not turned off). Unfortunately, that cost me about $600 to replace, and then it went again within their petty 12,000 mile warranty and GM covered the cost. At this time, I was told that the pump "must have been submerged". Considering that I had only driven in a maximum of 5-6" of water, I don't see how that was possible if the truck sits on 31" tires. They told me if it happened again they would not cover it (and I said "we'll see about that when the time comes") So here I am one year later(just over the warranty) and it has failed again, and as luck would have it, I'm due for emissions testing. Anyone else out there having similar problems with your '01, 4.3 L, V6 and the secondary air pump???
Posted by: J. Weisman on October 24, 2005
Donald Berlin says:
I own a 2000 Silverado 1500 4x4 and just had the ABS speed senso recall work done. I too have the problem with my fuel gauge sensor jumping from full to empty constantly when I have a full tank. Once I get to 1/4 full it seems to slow down quite abit. I also have the vibration in the rear at 65-70 MPH. Along with the INT steering shaft making the noise during turns. The INT steering shaft work runs $357 at my dealer. Hopeing for the recall on that.
Posted by: Donald Berlin on October 21, 2005
lucky says:
My 97 Silverado is also having the same issues with the wiper motor and ABS. I cleaned off the front ABS sensors and that helped out a bit, but does anyone know where the rear ABS sensors are? let me know thanks.. and oh yeah I filled a complaint also already...
Posted by: lucky on October 20, 2005
Ricky Barrow says:
GMC Sierra 2000 Ext. Cab Pickup - Faulty Fuel Gauge readings, friend of mine with identical truck/engine, only a Chevy, has same problem. Dealers want around $700 - could be a mounting bolt in firewall?, sensor, or from sulfur in gas ... why no recall yet? GM Cust. Service contacted me said to get a record of it at local dealer - could be recall if enough people complain.
Posted by: Ricky Barrow on October 20, 2005
Add me to the rapidly growing list of disgruntled Chevy owners. I have a 1998 Blazer with 79,000 mi. I have replaced: Wiper control card,RF hub assy,RF axle assy,Lower ball joints(TWICE),Idler arm,catalytic converter,Belt tensioner,Fuel pump module,Rear metal brake line(CORROSION),Complete differential rebuild,LR brake caliper & rotor,Seat release lever,Remote mirror cable,Remote oil line & now the LF hub assy and axle assy needs to be replaced also,my brakes are locking(LFwheel)at slow speed and sometimes without being applied. What a LEMON!!WILL IT NEVER END?
Posted by: JAMES C. MORRISON on October 19, 2005
Roy Ringwald says:
I have a 2000 chevy 1500 LS which has a vibration between 65-70, balanced and tires replaced still there dealer won't talk to me on this problem. Any one else have this problem?
Posted by: Roy Ringwald on October 18, 2005
Patti says:
Count me in for a 98 Blazer with wiper problems. Mine went out yesterday, during the first rain storm of the California season. Fortunately, I was only about two miles from home and already off of the 5 freeway. Thanks for the information on where to e-mail with my complaints.
Posted by: Patti on October 17, 2005
NATE says:
I own a 1999 GMC Sierra and I to had to replace my tailgate cables a $94.00 bill, my gas gauge dances constantly or just stays on emty with gas gauge always on, I get a vibration at 48Km/hr and it goes away at about 56m/hr. I aslo have a HUMMING noise coming from the rear end. Does anybody know of any lls for this Poece of ****. ALSO TRUCK FOR SALE

Posted by: NATE on October 14, 2005
Mary Defibaugh says:
I, too, have had my fill with GM products. I should have known with the large discount I received it was too good to be true. I have a 2003 S-10 and 2003 SIlverado. THe silverado has been in several times for the brakes. You have to push them to the floor before it will stop and then you wonder if they will. If you are towing a trailer or recreation vehicle behind you it really is scary. Now the intermediate shaft in the steering column is making noise. We have been to dealer twice only to be told that there is no recall. When Itried to report to GM when I was dealing with the problems with my truck I was told I needed to call back and have a separate number issued. I al really impressed with their customer service. NOT!
My S10 is a standard shift and I lost the transmission after 1800 miles which was replaced free of charge since I was still under warranty. At 30000 miles I starting have ABS sensor problem and when you hit the brakes it would pull the truck to the right. I had serious issues with this since my 17 year old son was also driving the truck. When I took it to dealer they said the brake pads needed replaced and my drums needed turned. About $600.00. I said I didn't think so and had the brake pads replaced at $120.00 only to have the unit start doing the same thing. I mioght mention I told the dealership what the problem was. I called GM and they called the dealership. The dealership was suppose to call me also. Hah! I finally called the dealership and they told me I needed to have diagnostics run on it. I explained I wasn't putting anymore money into vehicle and they agreed to do for what I already paid. Guess what it was exactly what I told it was the wheel sensor unit. Right before I was to take my vehicle in for the wheel sensor unit my air conditioning went out. Like the night before my appointment. I was told it would cost me $600.00 because the unit was out of warranty by this time. I have gone without air conditioning all summer. I know about about planned obsolscence but after two years and 60 thousand miles this is a bit much. Now my universal joints, clutch or transmission is making a funny noise. I believe I have a lemon vehicle and I am very frustrated in having to deal with a giant who knowingly makes shoddy goods, screws their people out of rightful benefits and continues to sell vehicles at outrageous prices. I will never ever buy another GM product!
Posted by: Mary Defibaugh on October 11, 2005
Bill Roach says:
I have a 1993 chev. 1/2 ton pick up.The truck only has 80,000 miles on it. The wiper motor seems as though it is gone. Was or is there a recall on this?
Posted by: Bill Roach on October 11, 2005
Scott L says:
i have a 2001 silverado.a/c compressor has been change once but now i have a auto trans problem.Making a rubbing metal noise and also slippping 2nd to 3rd.i got my recall for the tail gail straps.U think a bigger tire could cause that??? go TN VOLS!!!!
Posted by: Scott L on October 08, 2005
Moose says:
I am working on a 2000 6 Cyl. Chevy 1500. The owner of the veicle ran it out of fuel (fuel guage fails to work) and coasted half a mile to my shop. We put about ten gallons of gas in the tank but it still wouldn\'t fire. We sprayed fuel down the throdl body and it fires right up. It\'s getting plenty of fuel and pressure in the lines but the ingectors won\'t open. we dissconected the battery for a couple of hours to reset the computer but still it doesn\'t work. We bought a fuel relay but we can\'t find where it goes. I\'ll tell you what, I\'m about ready to put a holly card on it and call it fixed. EFI is JUNK. I need HELP.
Posted by: Moose on October 01, 2005
Matthew Hintz says:
I have a 2001 Silverado now. I had a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I bought in 99. I had all kinds of electrical problems with it and swore after spending thousands at three dealerships (Chrysler/Jeep) in three different states to fix it. It was never resolved. Then I found an honest independent mechanic that fixed my problem for $75 after spending thousands previously. Why are dealerships so dishonest and overcharge a ton. After this chevy dealership pulled one over on me. Sadly I can't go American anymore. To dishonest.
Posted by: Matthew Hintz on October 01, 2005
Matthew R. Hintz says:
Help! Why do dealerships seem to over charge! I had my front differtial serviced, Transfer Case Flushed, Coolant Flushed, A/C evaporateor core serviced (didn't ask for), intake throttle body service and fuel rail induction service (didn't ask for) and was charged $700! Someone tell me what all of that is and how much it should cost. They couldn't give me a price sheet for these services and they have some generic Service Package menu based on miles, but the highest costing service package is $429! The service rep couldn't explain it straight. He danced around my questions and could only give me estimates. $90 and hour is what they charge for labor he told me!
Posted by: Matthew R. Hintz on October 01, 2005
Bernice B. says:
Me again... I just received a phone call from a real person at GM headquarters. "I sympathize with your problems with the wipers on your Blazer, but unfortunately since there is no official recall for that year there is nothing we can do." Same story, different day. I asked her WHY did she even call, since I had been e-mailed this information?! Her response..."to be sure you had the most up-to-date information." Joke! I told her flat out I was disgusted with GM and their corporate crap related to standing behind their "rocks" (yeah, built like a rock alright!) and not listening to consumer complaints. I told her I filed a complaint with the NHTSA and that I encourage everyone out there to do the same. She says... "that is the correct way to go about this situation as the NHTSA is the place to generate recalls and investigations." Now there, that is right out of the horses mouth. Please, please, it's great that we all can come on-line and see and hear others' complaints, but in order to effectively get GM to stand up and take responsibility, you have to play by their governing rules. Go to It's a secure website. File a complaint! It is extremely apparent that they will not "move" without the feds behind them and force a recall. In the meantime, get your wipers fixed. It's relatively inexpensive... my wiper circuit board was just over $100 with $30 labor. Everyone needs wipers! Best of luck to all us owners of the '98 Blazers. Pray for the recall!
Posted by: Bernice B. on September 29, 2005
Gary Kuhn says:
2001 silverado, Sept 25, 2005. I pulled into a parking spot at my local video store. I applied the brakes and watched in horror as the truck kept rolling forward at about 3mph, my entire family screaming as the truck rolled up over the sidewalk and into the wall of the video store. Thankfully no one was on the side walk at the time. The store was not damaged other than a few tapes knocked off the wall, and the only damage to the truck was a dent in the bumper.
I called my Chevrolet dealer the next day and was informed it could be November before gm begins sending out the letters on this recall. So I contacted Chevrolet customer assistance. After detailing my crash to the rep I was informed that just that day gm had released the information to begin recalling these trucks and that mine was on the list. The rep put me on hold and contacted my dealer to give him the necessasary info, within minutes the rep said that the dealer would be contacting me to get the truck for the abs recall and by the way we will take care of the bumper too. THEIR WORDS!!
The next day when the dealer had not called me I called him and was told that the abs parts have to be ordered and he would get a hold of me when he gets them. When I asked about the bumper, he said that would have to come from gm headquarters , that the rep could not offer that to me.
Another call to the customer service rep found the story is now changed I would have to file an incident report with questions; do you have any physical disabillities? who is your insurance agent and carrier? Another case of gm not showing any responsibility for their mistakes. I am with the rest of you after 31 years of nothing but gm products its time to shop elsewhere. Does ford have a good truck?

Posted by: Gary Kuhn on September 28, 2005
William Cook says:
2000 1500 silverado stuck in 4 wheel drive
Posted by: William Cook on September 27, 2005
pete says:
my 96 Blazer Abs system,allows to much braking distance to occur during wet weather, which could result in a crash should the driver be unaware this defect may be present.If anyone knows anything about this or how the correction is made or if the dealerships are paying for this recall please e-mail me.
Posted by: pete on September 26, 2005
Bernice B says:
1998 Chevy Blazer - wiper problems? Just replaced the wiper motor circuit module, part was $102.61 - labor was $30.00. Wipers work like a dream! Can't wait for GM to fix it; will save my receipt and wait for a recall (yeah, right!).
Posted by: Bernice B on September 26, 2005
Dan Woods says:
1997 S-10 2.2 5 speed. Piston slap and tranny clash since new. Clutch cover stopped working at 60K but disc still had 60% remaining. Gas gauge became erratic and would reset with cycling of ign. sw. but now failed. 2002 S-Blazer--bad circuit to RH brake lamp traced to underdash problem. Not in VIN breakpoint for recall, too new? 1997 Blazer, front spring sag, horrible ride, squeaks, eats front pads. Also, S vehicles eat door hinge pin bushings and the hinges thenselves prematurely. You folks have these problems? I am going into depression, as I'm a commuter,i.e. 104 miles a day....
Posted by: Dan Woods on September 24, 2005
Shane says:
I'm haveing the same brake problem as everyone else. I bought a 2000 4x4 in Jan. '05 and didn't have any problems until a couple of months later. Now it stops pretty much when it wants to. I've been to the local dealer and spent $40 bucks for him to say there is no recall and the problem is the right front hub. I'm trying to figure out what the hub has to do with the breaks locking up. Until there is a recall guess I'll pull the fuse and see if that helps.
Posted by: Shane on September 24, 2005
Bernice B. says:
1998 Chevy Blazer wiper failure? Yep, me too. I have called everyone, and have gotten nowhere. They (1-800-GM) state that "while there were significant defects with the 1996 and 1997 Blazer wiper motors, those defects were fixed at the recall and no longer exist". Really? Then why do so many of us have the exact same problems with our 1998's?! It does not take a brain surgeon here! I have just got done e-mailing the Chairman for GM-North America at [email protected] and the Director for Customer Loyalty at [email protected] with my story. I have forwarded many of your complaints, also. Please, please go to the website for the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and FILE A COMPLAINT! Here is their website address: They say it does not take a specific number of complaints, to open a case against the car-maker. Obviously this is the only way to force a recall. Our personal calling 1-800-GM will get us nowhere. They have their pet answers, and that's all they tell you is "sorry, we can't help you." Pathetic. I have been a loyal GM customer for years, as has my entire family. But I tell ya, foreign is looking better at this point. Screw the corporate biggies, if they can't stand behind their products and spend a couple hundred to keep a customer happy, move on to those companies that will! My next $20-$30,000 purchase will definitely NOT be a CHEVY if they can't shape it up!
Posted by: Bernice B. on September 21, 2005
Mike says:
Tailgate cables - S-10 have the same problem. I have had to replace both cables on my 2000 S-10 :(
Posted by: Mike on September 16, 2005
Daniel Patterson says:
I have a 99 Chevy Ext. Cab Z71 and am having the same problems as most. 4X4 light, broken tailgate cables and inconsistent fuel gauge reading (when full jumps to empty and then randomly back to full, same when empty but does pretty good when ½ full). My 4X4 light would come on randomly, I went and had the code taken and it sensor unit was not receiving the 8V coming from the transmission. I was able to troubleshoot this problem to the 4 pin connector having a loose connection on the back for the automatic switching unit. The dealer wanted to charge me $600.00 for a new sensor unit on the transfer case!!!!! I fixed it for $25.00 and a little bit of time. Thought this might be able to help some people out. If anyone has found the solution to the fuel gauge problem would you please email me.
Posted by: Daniel Patterson on September 14, 2005
ed marr says:
i own a 2000 silverado my fuel gauge needs to be fixed again it was done at 3 yrs old just before the end of my warranty needs to be done again its the sending unit dealer part 100.00 labor another 150.00 with a 1 yr warranty on part only brakes done at 35000 miles need to be done again truck has 61000 miles on it i live ot in the country only do intown driving 1 or 2 times a week i love the truck but this is getting rediculous by the way gm never recalled my truck for tailgate cables a lot of people here in maine are having the same problems and iknow a technician at a big gmc dealership and he says they are very very common problems 20000.00 plus 4 truck 10yrs ownership another 10000.00 or so 4 maintenance ouch !!!
Posted by: ed marr on September 10, 2005
Jeff says:
Everyone with the wiper problems. I had the same problem on my 98 GMC Z71. I replaced the computer card and have had no problems since.
Posted by: Jeff on September 08, 2005
William John Sullivan says:
I have 1998 S-10 with two broken tail- gate cables! Back injury caused by sitting on tailgate! Wanted Lawers! For multi million dollar suit.
Posted by: William John Sullivan on September 07, 2005
Dawson says:
I have an S-10 Extended Cab PU I purchased new with only 30,000 miles now and one of my tailgate cables just broke from corrosion, although garage kept and seldom used. GM says this is not a recall item and replacements are the same materials as OEM. Where is Chevrolet after the sale?
Posted by: Dawson on September 06, 2005
William J Redick says:
My Abs and break light comes on and off everytime i get in my truck i have a 2001 chevy silveraldo 4.3 its starting to make me mad, does anyone know if chevy has a recall out on the abs module?? i would gratly appreciate anyone who knows thank you
Posted by: William J Redick on September 04, 2005
phillip harrington says:
i have a 2002 with anti lock brake lights coming on and off also plan to contact dealer about this problem i am still under warranty phillip harrington georgetown s.c.
Posted by: phillip harrington on September 02, 2005
Evonne says:
We have a 98 GMC 3/4 ton 4x4 454 and a 97 Chev ext 1500 5.7 litre. And we have put major money into our vehicles. Approx. 6000 just this summer.

97 98
fuel pump
wiper mortor wiper motor
a/c condensor
brake booster brake booster
tailgate cable tailgate cables
door handles door handles
160 klm 160 klm

I am not buying chevy again.
Posted by: Evonne on September 01, 2005
carole says:
wondering why GM is only replacing the tailgate cable on the full size pick up. my cables on my ZR2 have been replaced because of corrosion at my own expense.
Posted by: carole on September 01, 2005
Susan Brown says:
We have a 2004 2500HD and the dashboard gauges are going out one by one. First the transmission temp gauge, then the gas guage and now the speedometer. Took it to the dealer for a replacement cost of about $400.00. The srevice rep. to us this wasn't the first one he had seen. Of course this started happening within a few thousand miles AFTER our warrenty expired!
Posted by: Susan Brown on August 31, 2005
Ed Gladysz says:
I also have a '99 Silverado ext. cab with a gas guage that works off and on. Also the brake light and the ABS lights come and go ( abs always lit, brake light it not always lit, but once on, it stays on ). I would like to know if anyone has fixed either of these problems and if so how was it fixed. I am also noticing a greater amount of engine knock with 87 octane gas. 89 and 91 octane does eliminate most of the knocking but with gas prices this high, its not the fix I prefer. I am also thinking of getting rid of this truck.
Posted by: Ed Gladysz on August 30, 2005
Todd Carmilia says:
Where do I start. My ABS pump motor went costing me $700.00 from the dealer.
After having it back for six months I had to unplug the abs all together because it would'nt stop the vehicle at stop signs and red lights. Did I mention my tailgate straps broke.
Posted by: Todd Carmilia on August 30, 2005
Brent Stofan says:
i own a 96 GMC ZR2 Sonoma 4X4, i recently was in a bad accident because the stock alluminum front wheel seperated in half that the lathe machined middle...professionals told me it was machined way too thin at the factory and it weaked and seperated and caused me to wreck bad involving injuries...does anyone else agree that this sounds like a lawsuit?
Posted by: Brent Stofan on August 30, 2005
Sue says:
I have a 2000 GMC Sonoma. The headlight assembly has been fogging up for the last few years and now its so foggy you can't see the head lights.It's starting to get dangerous. The local GM dealer said it was the worst he's ever seen.....but did he offer any advice? NO. My next letter will be hand written to GM about the dealership and an explanation on why the headlights are so defective. Anyone else have this problem? Thank you
Posted by: Sue on August 27, 2005
Tammy Charania says:
I have a 98 GMC Z-71 Sierra that is leaking radiator fluid out of the rear part of the motor. Has been an occurring problem? If it has, please let me know a solution. You know it sucks when I put a gallon of water and all it leaks out within a matter of driving 300 miles.
Posted by: Tammy Charania on August 27, 2005
Dennis Landen says:
I have a 99 S-10 with the left side tailgate gable broken as well
Posted by: Dennis Landen on August 25, 2005
Chuck Miller says:
I have a '99 Silverado ext. cab with a gas guage that works off and on ( comes and goes ). the brake light and the ABS lights come and go ( mostly they stay lit ). I would guess the gas guage is due to the float sticking in the tank. My guess on the two brake lights is a loose connection somewhere for I noticed today that when I hit a bump they lit up. I am also thinking of getting rid of this truck so I want it safe for whoever drives it. I have no faith in the dealerships where I live because they have never fixed anything I have carried them in thirty years. I generally take it back home to the small town dealership where they have to face the people they service every day. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas before I start pulling wires. thanks.
Posted by: Chuck Miller on August 24, 2005
I have been having problems with my windsheild wipers for my 98 Chevy Blazer. When it rains they shut off in mid wipe also will not turn back on until it stops raining. Need info on what to do to fix this problem. Or if there is a recall. Thanks
Posted by: ROBERT HOLTE on August 23, 2005
Sherwood T. says:
1998 CHEVY C/K 4x4 EXT. Cab 5.0- I am a die hard chevy guy, my 5.0 puts out 303 horse on the dyno. My truck is my hobbie, and like you, my truck has a name. Mine has been renamed to P.O.S 94,000 miles and on third set of hubs, at 800 dollars a rip. Not to mention fuel pump 500, water pump, and now the transmision has the classic chevy clunk from first to second. Shame on Chevy! Like a rock, over 30,000 dollars! I exspected ten years or a solid 150,000 miles for my money. I still love my truck, and keep it in prestine codition. Equinox buyers, (me) Please have the coolant removed from suv, its eating your pipes, thats what smells when your heater is on, and yes, chevy knows about it. Chevy is paying for the job. 800 dolar job- remove dex-cool. Just go out and smell the coolant- it burnt- all equinox- it makes you e-noxicated according to my wife. Well I am still a chevy man, only because i wouldnt drive a ford or dodge, not even to the E.R.
Posted by: Sherwood T. on August 22, 2005
Michael Brannick says:
2003 3/4 Ton xtnd'd cab 6.0 liter 410 gears. Intermittent vibration from rear when starting up from stop and making a turn such as at an intersection. Truck now has 18K miles but intermittent vibation has been since truck was new. Dealer says they can't investigate unless they duplicate problem. Could this a limited slip differential problem? Am I the only one with this problem? Had to have front rotors turned at 16K miles. Dealer said the rotors were likely cause of rear end vibration. NOT!
Posted by: Michael Brannick on August 17, 2005
T SEIPEL says:
I would love to hear from anyone else who has had problems with their emissions sytems. I have a '01 S10 that was fixed once under warranty for water in the secondary air pump, and at 60,000 miles has happpened again. Apparently GM knows it was a poorly designed pump and redesigned the pump the year after, as even the head mechanic at my dealership told me, but they won't take responsibility for their poor design and fix the problem, or all of the other damage it has caused to my truck.
Posted by: T SEIPEL on August 17, 2005
Brad says:
1998 Z71 wiper motor problems. I too have the wipers that work sporatically. I'm not surprised as they did the same thing on my 1991, 1995, and the 1996 replacement part from a wrecker. Be very surprised if it happens on my next truck though....Toyota doesn't seem to have this problem!!!!!
Posted by: Brad on August 12, 2005
Brad says:
1998 Z71 wiper motor problems. I too have the wipers that work sporatically. I'm not surprised as they did the same thing on my 1991, 1995, and the 1996 replacement part from a wrecker. Be very surprised if it happens on my next truck though....Toyota doesn't seem to have this problem!!!!!
Posted by: Brad on August 12, 2005
Charles T. Small says:
Just an up date on my vehicle from earlier. I just had the AC compressor replaced, had coverge on that. Also I forgot to mention to someone that emailed me that I have replaced the two u joints last year, now it looks as though the link from the transmission is failing again. There are several jonits on the drive shaft of this smaller truck. Cannot figure the reason for that.
Posted by: Charles T. Small on August 12, 2005
Lauren says:
I have a 97 Chevy Blazer I bought in February with 60,000 miles on it. Everything was running great for the first month and since then I have had to replace my rotors and all brake pads in my truck 4 times... and its only got 78,000 miles on it. I am wondering what to do about the grinding, bucking, and squeaking when I stop. It only gets worse when I'm going below 10mph then it takes slamming on the brakes to stop. The mechanics I've been to and the Chevy dealership all say it's just the new rotors being worn in but it's been over 3,ooomiles....what to do from here??? Any suggestions?
Posted by: Lauren on August 11, 2005
Nick says:
I have a 1998 Blazer LS with intermittent wiper problems. Does anyone know if there is a recall on this, and if so the announcement number? If not does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks.
Posted by: Nick on August 08, 2005
D Nucci says:
to Max Ballinger: my Avalanche just started to do what you say with the gauges not working. I do not think it is the gauges themselves that are broke but perhaps the ECM. I changed the fuel filter yeasterday because it also acts like I am trying to start from a dead stop in say third gear (even though it is an automatic). I am calling the dealer tomorrow. If I have any luck in diagnosis I will let you know.
Posted by: D Nucci on August 07, 2005
Evonne says:
Ok, I have ahd it.
More money to put into my 2 trucks.
1998 GMC 4X4 7.4 litre 3/4 ton - hydraulic brake booster, winshield wiper motor, tailgate cables, door handles tranny is now going 155 klm.
1997 Chevrolet 1500 ext cab 5.7 litre - air conditioner compressor, door handles, windsheild wiper motor, fuel pump, hydraulic brake booster, I can only run high octane gas otherwise it knocks and pings so bad.
But my little mazda car goes and goes and goes.

Posted by: Evonne on August 02, 2005
Stephanie Lopez says:
I also suggest filing a complaint at NHTSA.
Posted by: Stephanie Lopez on July 31, 2005
Stephanie Lopez says:
Posted that I had one broken cable last September, now they are both broken. Is GM going to recall? The cost to replace is outrageous.
Posted by: Stephanie Lopez on July 31, 2005
max ballinger says:
when is gm going to recall the 2000 chevy trucks for fuel gauges.I know of ten people how have the same problem,they just stop working after 3 or 4 years old.
Posted by: max ballinger on July 30, 2005
Gary Simoneau says:
I have a 1999 GMC Sierra (old body style), my tailgate cables have both broken off so i went to see about the recall at my local GM dealer but they said it didnt affect my truck, hmmm strange huh, seems to be a pattern from what i've read. I also have a seemingly very common problem with my ABS brakes, I pulled the fuse too cause i didn't want to hit anyone or anything, seems like GM should be recalling this problem soon, they say there arent enough complaints here in the US, but plenty in canada and where winter weather is bad, ( i'm from maine so i think it applies to me also). Everyone that has this problem with the ABS brakes please file a complaint to the NHTSA so we can have this expensive problem resolved, thank you
Posted by: Gary Simoneau on July 28, 2005
tim says:
I just bought a 2005 sierra z71 and am discusted with the brakes. They stop the truck very poorly. The truck has 6000 miles on it and yesterday I noticed grooves in the front rotors. My friend has a similar Chevy with 50k miles and his rotors are smooth. Today I took it to the shop and am awaiting there decision. I just noticed these postings and am starting to regret my decision to buy American. I drove a Nissan Titan and the brakes were outstanding. I hope a Jap truck isnt in my future, but one can only be let down so many times.
Posted by: tim on July 26, 2005
Tony says:
I have a 2002 chevy trailblazer,well the abs and regular brake light is on, but all brakes are good sensors checked out good also. when the brake lights came on, the ac blower motor stopped working. what can be the cause? help!
Posted by: Tony on July 25, 2005
Jim Roelike says:
I purchased a 2000 s-10 pickup,,the 1 tailgate cable broke,,the other is cracked,,is this a recalled item?
Posted by: Jim Roelike on July 25, 2005
Charles T. Small says:
I have a 2000 Chevy S-10 extended cab pick-up 4 cyclinder;which I bought used. Since I have owned it I have replaced, Full tank pump, alternator, Air Conditioner Compressor. Now the inner door latch has broken and oh yes the tail gate cables, which all GM dealers are being dumb about. They need to extend the recall on all their truck models, since the ssme tailgate cable braking is happening to all of them. I have not had the ABS problem yet, but expect that to be next. I am also am experiencing a vibration in the transmission when starting out or driving slow. I am hoping to trade it in on a Nissian, no wonder GM can't sell their dam products, they are turning out crap. Former Chevrolet pick-up fan.
Posted by: Charles T. Small on July 24, 2005
Tammy Allen says:
I have a 2002 Sonoma crew cab which I bought new. While loading a four wheeler, both tailgate cables broke at the same time. The tailgate hit the bumper and dented it. Even though the warranty has expired, I had heard about the recall on the bigger models and decided to call GM. They sent me for an estimate and subsequently paid for all repairs. Although the body work was fine, when the new straps were installed, one strap seemed longer than the other (enough that you could jiggle it with your finger, no tension at all on one side). I took it back and they ordered another set. Same deal. They adjusted some spring thing behind the tail light and said it was fixed. Well it's not, it's better but there is still just that one cable supporting the tailgate. Has anyone else had a similar experience? There is obviously a problem with the small trucks as well, they need to recall these trucks too. I just don't trust these straps, I think the same thing will happen again. They told me they used the same kind to replace them so what else should I expect. This is a design problem that could and has resulted in injury or death and it should be addressed immediately by GM.
Posted by: Tammy Allen on July 22, 2005
brad lemasters says:
i have a 1995 chevy silverado 1500 Z71 and i have had only one problem and that is when i take off with the wheels turned the rear end vibrates/quiet popping noise a little, it either sounds like the limited slip isnt letting go or a brake is caught up. When i hit the gas it goes away. Is anybody else having this problem?
Posted by: brad lemasters on July 20, 2005
Brett says:
Having the same wiper problem as everyone else, except this is the third GM vehicle I have had problems with. One vehicle had a wiper recall, one had a special notice that the dealer would fix for free, and one is not covered. The failure mode is the same on all, so why is it a safety issue (and thus a recall) on only some vehicle. The way to fix this is to file complaints with NHTSA and let them know that they are letting the public down by not forcing GM to correct this known safety problem. You can file a complaint by going to or by calling 1-888-327-4236.
Posted by: Brett on July 13, 2005
kelly says:
I own a 2004 Z71 extended cab. Only 24 thounds on it and The breaks gave out completely and I got into a accendent with it and now I am paying big time. And Forbs is saying nothing is wrong with my breaks. This is the kind of service I get. I still don't have much break. My peddle goes over half way before I have any break at all.
Posted by: kelly on July 13, 2005
Theresa Stoddard says:
I have a 1998 Chevy Blazer, which I bought used in February 2002. I have had problems with the wipers from the beginning; sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. They seem to have a mind of their own. Even when I turn them off, the wipers continue to work . . . until today. Now they are in a backwards "L" position. I received a notice in the mail from GM that the wiper switch should be looked at and replaced. I took the Blazer to the dealership in my town and was told that since it was a 1998 model it was not covered under the recall notice. The notice was for vehicles up to 1997!! If the switch was bad, why wouldn't they replace it? Is there someplace I can take it and get it replaced? Please, can't someone help me?
Posted by: Theresa Stoddard on July 12, 2005
Caleb Tandy says:
I have a 2000 c/k 2500 4x4 with 100,000 miles and have replaced the tailgate cables twice already. They are poorly designed in that they are not stainless steel and are in a rubber casing that traps water and allows them to corrode. Aftermarket stores charge up to $20.00 for a single cable and you can NEVER get two cables that are of equal length. I swear they must be hand made because when you put the tailgate down only one is pulled taught, so all the weight is on one, and therefore you have a tailgate that is only rated for half of its specified limit. That is why I have bought two more sets already. Hopefully GM will supply some that are made worth a crap and are equal in length. You would think that if they can manufacture vehicles with hundreds of moving parts that they could at least engineer some damn cables that are the same length.

For those chevy "cussers" out there who have had problems with chevy tranny's, I am on my 3rd tranny, which is a damn 4L80E which is GM's most heavy duty light truck gasoline automatic transmission. It went out the first time at 65,000 miles while I was on vacation and was rebuilt by a chevy dealership in Brownsville, Tx. They warrantied it for 12,000 miles. It went out again 12,500 miles later. By then it was out of warranty completely and I went to a non-dealership and had them rebuild it right. A rubber seal on the automatic clutch had ripped, which should have been replaced along with the torque converter, all leading to the slipping of the tranny. The fault of such damage is due to the fact that insurance companies are cheap and the dealerships who perform the service do not care to defend the right of the vehicle owner to have all the proper parts replaced and the job done right. I had bought the extended warranty and even though I had to replace the tranny later, I guess in hindsight I still would have gotten the warranty. Still, GM should have its extended warranties funded in house, meaning that GM mechanics decide what should be replaced and not some nerd adjuster from some insurance company you have never heard of.
Posted by: Caleb Tandy on July 07, 2005
Ed Tyson says:
I have a 2000 S10 [email protected] both tailgate cables snapped out of nowhere!! GM needs to do a complete recall on all it's tailgate straps!!
Posted by: Ed Tyson on July 07, 2005
Ron Sisti says:
I had my 2001 silvarado inspected.
It was 3 years old with 40k miles I was told that my rotors were corroded so bad that that they couldn't turn them down. I had to pay almost $700 to replace parts that should have not needed replaced. Funny how the prices of new vehicles keeps going up while the quality and workmanship keeps going down.
Posted by: Ron Sisti on July 05, 2005
Babsie says:
I have a 1998 Chevy Blazer 80,000 miles and approx. 9 mo. ago my wipers started acting up and now they work when they want. Usually when its not raining. I didn't really notice to whether they have a recall out on this or not. Could someone let me know if there is? Thanks alot
Posted by: Babsie on July 03, 2005
Tammy says:
I have a 1998 Chevy Blazer 64,000 miles and approx. 9 mo. ago my wipers started acting up and now they work when they want. Usually when its not raining. I didn't really notice to whether they have a recall out on this or not. Could someone let me know if there is? Thanks alot! June 28, 2005
Posted by: Tammy on June 28, 2005
Never Chevy again says:
We bought our 1997 Chevy Silverado 1500 in 2000 from a private owner who hardly used it, it had 7,400 miles on it and still smelled new. We thought we were getting a great deal, little did we know. We spent already $3,000 on a new transmission, about 3 years ago. We had the fuel pump replaced. And now less than 500 miles later we are replacing the whole fuel pump sending unit, which the wires fused together and burnt, exposing a wire. This could of been a bad, if not deadly situation. We take good care of our vehicles and do regular maintenance, so for the guy who said it is poor care, sorry not true. I didnt know about the cable issue, I guess that is one more thing to look forward to. I have a 1991 Honda civic with over 240 thousand miles on it and we have put more money into that Chevy in repairs. Not to mention all the times we had to pay for towing on that thing. I will never buy Chevy again, I will stick with Honda.
Posted by: Never Chevy again on June 28, 2005
J Barber says:
I have a 2004 sierra 2500HD and 24 hrs after buying it 2 valve stems burst. A month later the headlight sensor fell through the dash then the side tabs broke off the bumper cover the heat shield flew off my muffler the wind- shield seal came unglued on one side causing a crack all the way across my window my speedometer stuck at 35mph when I was stopped and increased from there as I accelerated the crome strips on the side pitted and discolored under the clearcoat and just before the truck turned one year old a $900 fuel pump went out. The list keeps going from there but thats all I turned in to the dealer so far and they treat me like I'm doing this stuff intentionally-as if I don't have better things to do with my time. Then to top it all off they glued the bumper on with some kinda plastic glue just to get me through my warranty they tack welded the old heat shield on the first time the second time it came off on the high way and got ran over by atleast a hundred cars so they had to get me a new muffler and they said GMs bumper to bumper warranty won't cover anything glass so they just resealed the windshield even though I see a lot of new trucks on the road with the same type of crack. I know there's no answers for any of us and if these trucks didnt look so good noone would buy one! thanx for reading.
Posted by: J Barber on June 25, 2005
Bonny Evans says:
I have a 1995 chevy 2500diesel pick-up. It is on it's second tailgate because of faulty cables. This tailgate is now dented as well. Also, why wasn't all chevrolet owners notified to have their vehicles repainted? They had either faulty primer or wrong paint applied to primer. I have noticed numerous chevrolet vehicles (including mine) that have paint peeling off the hoods and tops of vehicles. I recently went to get my truck re-painted and was told that Chevrolet/GMC was aware of this defect so I canceled the paint job until I could find out if they could be held partially responsible for it. Also had an electrical problem and had to change out wiring harness in steering column. If anyone can give me any info on who to contact about these problems, please let me know.
Posted by: Bonny Evans on June 21, 2005
Joe B. says:
My 2000 Sonoma SLS tailgate cables have broken twice now. You can see the obvious corrosion...they simple break in half. That is really strange for cable to do that. The first time it happened, it caused the tailgate to dent, and the second time, I almost fell off under a load I was pushing out.

FYI: Two other major problems with this series of truck: the recliner handle breaks off at the metal rod! the third door handle assembly is stiff and then breaks inside!

GM knows about these issues and kept building with them to save pennies.
Posted by: Joe B. on June 20, 2005
bill L says:
After my most resent visit to my Gm dealer. I m dealing with an issue regarding Catalyt converter spuing toxi gases into the air. I m also discovering a recall for these s/10 cheve trucks. has anyone out there found Gm responsiable to replace the defective parts.

Posted by: bill L on June 16, 2005
van says:
I have a 2001 chevy silverado 6 cyl... it is in the shop now for the distributor recall and they say it wont start because of the flywheel being bad.... these pboblems happened together but they wont pay for the flywheel only the distributor to be replaced... they say the distributor problem isnt related to the flywheel?? anyone have any ideas.. does the distributor and rotor have anything to do with the flywheel and starter....???
Posted by: van on June 15, 2005
Tonya says:
I have a '99 Chevy S-10, with only 75,000 miles, and it is in the shop right now for a 2ND new transmission... I just replaced the tranny at 42,000 miles. Anyone else have this problem, or do you think it's just an isolated incident?
Posted by: Tonya on June 14, 2005
Keith Kuthan says:
I have a 2003 Chevy s10 xtreme since I have purchased it I have had nothing but problems I complained numerous times to gm and Chevy and yet still no compensation. I was a die hard Chevy fan but now this will be the last Chevy I will ever buy. I wish I could get my money back for this truck! Since I purchased it in 2004 the brakes have been fixed five times the drive shaft warped the starter slowly went and the lines in the back of the transmission ruptured and dumped transmission fluid every where. My only hope is to receive some help from gm now for the transmission is making a horrible whining noise. If you are out there here is your last chance .
Posted by: Keith Kuthan on June 13, 2005
Keith Kuthan says:
I have a 2003 Chevy s10 xtreme since I have purchased it I have had nothing but problems I complained numerous times to gm and Chevy and yet still no compensation. I was a die hard Chevy fan but now this will be the last Chevy I will ever buy. I wish I could get my money back for this truck! Since I purchased it in 2004 the brakes have been fixed five times the drive shaft warped the starter slowly went and the lines in the back of the transmission ruptured and dumped transmission fluid every where. My only hope is to receive some help from gm now for the transmission is making a horrible whining noise. If you are out there here is your last chance .
Posted by: Keith Kuthan on June 13, 2005
Scott Caldwell says:
I have a 2000 chevy Z71 I have had problems with it not wanting to go into 4 wheel drive ,the the other day it stuck in 4 low, the electronic modual in the transfer case went out . is this common ?the problem started at started at 26000 miles and it went out at a little over 30000 miles with very little use .I think that part must be flawed . I drove many other 4 wheel drives and never had problems .I only do light 4 wheeling muddy and snowy roads no off road
Posted by: Scott Caldwell on June 12, 2005
Dan Link says:
I have a 1999 Chev of the tailgate cables has already rusted apart and the second cable is well on its way. The local GM dealer, and GM Canada have been of no help whatsoever, sinmply stating over and over that it is not on the recall list and they will not address this issue of safety. GM is clearly demonstrating poor corporate responsibility. Customer service is not their concern, in spite of what they say.
Posted by: Dan Link on June 05, 2005
Bill Jones says:
I've noticed that quite a few have commented on how their wipers only work whenever they feel like it. It is a simple fix, they had this problem for quite a few years on several models. There is a computer board on the wiper motor that causes this, it is easy to replace, any GM dealer will/should know exactly what you need. They cost anywhere from $30-$70, depending on how bad your dealer wants to rip you off. I know this don't make it right, but at least you can fix your wipers. I own a 2004 2500HD and the tailgate cables have stickers on them that say "Made in China", I don't know if these are original since I bought the truck used, but if they break and damage the gate or gets someone killed or injured, I'll be gettin' even!
Posted by: Bill Jones on June 04, 2005
Kev says:
I have a 98 Blazer, and man!! I love it, but I hate it. My wipers decide not to work sometimes, usually when I need them to, and then when I turn them on, sometimes, they won't go off for a while, even after shutting the darn things off. Back wipers don't even work, both side-mirrors don't work! I need to get it checked out. I don't want to buy a new motor for the wipers if I don't need to, then again, the switch probably isn't all that ceap either. It's just a buncha bull!
Posted by: Kev on June 03, 2005
Bob Kennedy says:
I have a 2001 Silverado and have fuel gage that reads empty after it's filled; a/c compressor that doesn't always disengage; heater control that either roast you out or barely heats, no middle ground; tailgate cables that need to be replaced; ABS brakes that chatter under normal braking conditions; driving lights that constantly burn out; clunk from driveline when pulling away from stop. Seems to be the same complaints as everybody else, thanks General Motors!!
Posted by: Bob Kennedy on June 01, 2005
Robert Hoffman says:
After reading all the braking issues on here I've come to realize that my problem was not just unique to me. The Rotors on my 01, 1500HD delaminated according to the dealer and this was not a recall issue, as a matter of fact the Service Mgr said this wasn't very common.. this was "BS" since I've spent close to 500.00 ( and I get good deals at my local part shop) I've talked to 1/2 dozen people with the same problem. The dealer wanted to hit me for close to 900.00, while is was there getting the third set of tailgate cables, two of which where replaced while under warranty prior to the recall on that "GM cheapest vendor contract award", by the way, it damaged the tailgate when the broke the last time and the dealer chose not to assist on this, I think they have the option and the contacts to customer satifaction at GM but didn't... like it was going to come out of their pocket???? RIGHT. I'm telling you the issues on this are plenty and would love to hear from others who went thru this, save your parts & reciepts, It's a matter of time before GM has to pony up to this.
Posted by: Robert Hoffman on May 29, 2005
sam day says:
i have recently bought a 2002 avalanche 1500 problems are when i krank it in the mornings or any other time it makes a tapping niose in the motorand someone said it could be the type of gas i'm useing,but i don't think so cause i've went to a higher grade of gas and also anyone with a tire blowing out on them while going down the road yet, cause there where no problems before i loaded my 4-wheeler in the back of my truck and then i have a blow out. please let me know of anything like this with owners of avalanche .
Posted by: sam day on May 28, 2005
Diane says:
Im having problems like others on a 1997 chevy truck with wipers working when they want. I can hear motor sometimes and sometimes not HELP this old lady!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Diane on May 27, 2005
Kenny Purvis says:
I have a 2000 chevy truck the fuel gage shows empty when you ffill it up and then it just goes back and forth from empty to full I have heard of several orther casses like this in this year model is their a recall on it
Posted by: Kenny Purvis on May 25, 2005
Corey Pinchart says:
I can't believe how many of you are having problems with your ABS. I too had the same problem on my 1998 silverado. I thought it was an isolated problem that only I was having. Here is the money saving good news. I usualy don't go to an authorized Chevy dealer for repairs. I have a trustworthy mechanic in my hometown that knows more about all makes and models than Chevy knows about Chevy. Anyway, the problem with the ABS was definately the speed sensors. Now to replace them from either a local mechanic or an authorized dealer will cost a couple hundred dollars. My mechanic took them out and cleaned them up. The same thing happens to the sensors as your break pads...dust, dirt, and corrosion build up in them due to their location under the hood. He did say that there was no guarontee the problem won't come back but said this was the cheaper solution right now. Total cost to repair...$25.00. Yep thats right. Less than an oil change. I hope this helps some of you out. It sure helped me. The problem has not come back. It has now been over 6 months and no fear of hitting the car, retaining wall or garage door in front of me. Good Luck Everyone. Take em out and clean them...Put your fuses back in and brake with confidence.
Posted by: Corey Pinchart on May 24, 2005
Steve Cunningham says:
My '99 6cyl GMC Sierra doesn't like wet weather. After/during a rain, it misses, bucks, etc. I have replaced the distributor cap and rotor sev. times, also plugs, wires, etc. It works OK for a while but eventually the same thing occurs. Suggestions appreciated...
Posted by: Steve Cunningham on May 23, 2005
JAY says:
Posted by: JAY on May 22, 2005
allen carroll says:
I have a 03 silverado and have been having trouble with the windshield wipers not shutting off. I have heard of earlier models having a recall with wiper problem, or is this a isolated problem?

Posted by: allen carroll on May 21, 2005
Dennis Ripley says:
My 2001 S 10 Truck has 27,489 miles used for pleasure and to work and home. The tailgate cables snapped, both with no apparent load on them. HELP
Posted by: Dennis Ripley on May 21, 2005
Terrance W. says:
in response to Donnie Heaser on 05-17-05
reguarding auto hd/lts. does your truck hd/lt switch have a dome light override?
if so press it 3 times that will disengauge auto hd/lts .repeat this 3 times to reactivate it. it will reset automatically when you turn the truck off. good luck!
Posted by: Terrance W. on May 19, 2005
Donnie Heaser says:
I've got a 1999 2-wheel drive, extended cab Silverado. I've had several problems that I think are a big deal, but the dealership isn't concerned with.
One of the problems is with the tailgate cables rusting through. I took it to the local dealership and was told my truck wasn't included in the recall because it's a 1999 model but the recall only covers 2000 models and newer. I'm being careful with it now, because I can't find new cables. (I refuse to buy the overpriced replacements from Chevy, because we already know their cables are faulty!)
The second problem is with the brakes. My ABS has failed several times. The last time it went out, the ABS motor ran continuosely even with the engine off and the key out. It ran so hot that you could feel heat coming through the floor boards. I pulled the fuse to disengage the ABS system. At the time, I had about 40,000 miles on the truck. Thinking this would be considered a safety issue, I took my truck to the local dealership. The Service Rep said that this was considered a "wear and tear" problem not covered by recalls or warranty and they would be happy to fix it for an estimated $1400.00 and about a week of down time. I was also told that because it is impossible to predict "wear and tear" repairs, I should be prepared to pay for this repair as often as every 40,000 miles or so. I declined their offer and fixed it myself for about $125 with ABS parts that I pulled from a local junkyard off of a brand new, already totalled, Z-71 Offroad pick-up. I was lucky to find the truck, and I would recommend to anyone getting junkyard parts to make sure the vehicle you're pulling from did not crash because of bad brakes! In my case, the donor truck was flipped in an accident involving poor judgement, not faulty ABS.
The only other problem I have with my truck is the fuel gauge doesn't work. Chevy offered to do a diagnostic for $75 to tell me what's wrong, but I don't even trust them to know how to fix it anymore. If anyone has a guess, please, let me know.
Something else that is more of an annoyance than a problem is the DRL & Automatic headlights system. I have a headlight on/off switch, but I can't shut my headlights off. Some models have an override built into the domelight bottom, but this feature was not included in my Silverado. For my truck, the headlights are wired into a module that is attached to my parking break, ignition switch, gear shift, computer, DRL's, light sensor, and at least 2 relays and 2 fuses. It incudes everything, apparently, except for the off switch. Chevy's stance on the issue is that they developed the the system to avoid liability for accidents caused by drivers that did not have the sense to turn their headlights on by themselves when it got dark! It bugs me that Chevy engineers don't think I'm capable of knowing when I do and don't want my headlights on. These are the same guys that designed the crappy recalled tailgate straps and the same guys that designed an ABS system that can be rendered totally useless by pulling one 10 cent fuse. If anybody knows of a safe and reliable way of overriding the automatic lights, I would love to hear about it.
Thank You
Posted by: Donnie Heaser on May 17, 2005
Duane Rice says:
I have an 03 Chevy 1500 trk and the usual mushy/to the floor brake pedal. The service dept mechanic drove it acro

Serioushunter1 04-21-2006 12:27 PM

RE: Ford F-150
What do you want people to do PSE, boycott Ford along with Wal-mart since they do not agree with your ideology?

PSEMuzzy 04-21-2006 05:44 PM

RE: Ford F-150
FORD S_ _ _ S!
Need I say more? I don't give a rats butt what you boycott, just stating facts!

PSEMuzzy 04-21-2006 05:48 PM

RE: Ford F-150
Hey Serioushunter1, the ideoligy only apply's if you own a piece of junk FORD. What part don't you understand?

I can put it in simpliar terms...........FORD'S ARE JUNK!

liquidorange 04-21-2006 07:08 PM

RE: Ford F-150
you can always put a hitch hauler on the back of a 35mpg camry.:D

PSEMuzzy 04-21-2006 07:49 PM

RE: Ford F-150
LOL, I liked that one Liquidorange............ anything but a FoundOnRoadDead...........

dayna0306 04-22-2006 07:31 PM

RE: Ford F-150
My hunting reg is a f350 4x4 with 8 foot bed 1999 I love it and highly recommend one ,the 4 door cab is a god sent after having a full size bronx for 10 years. I would rather have my sister in a whore house then my brother in a chey.

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