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Browning_1 07-18-2006 04:07 PM

RE: Ford F-150
I've owned them all except Dodge. They all suck...especially GM. Sold my Silverado and bought a Nissan Titan. Only part not American on it is the Tranny....otherwise it is made in America with American parts. Plus they can afford touse good parts since they don't have to pay overpaid under skilled union workers to whine about their jobs and their rediculous pensions. THAT IS THE REASON FOR THE DEMISE OF THE AMERICAN MOTOR COMPANIES!!!!UNIONS!!! $1500 of every truck goes toward GM pensions....guess who those savings are passed on to???

GM service is also the worst I have ever seen. They wanted $1900 to install a tranny from a junkyard...$2500 for a rebuild. this waswhen my tranny went out this spring. I went across the street to the little tranny shop and he installed a rebuild with upgraded parts for $1300 was GM gonna give me for the extra $1200 they wanted for the same job???? Criminals!!!

Ol JohnnyBoy 09-18-2006 08:06 PM

RE: Ford F-150
man o man do I love my f-150...It does everything that I want it to and more. FORD all the way...

BDC 09-19-2006 01:35 PM

RE: Ford F-150
I am a diehard Ford man but you got to love the new feature on those chevys'.......the heated tailgate.

This standard equipment allows ones' hands to stay warm when pushing a chevy
truck in cold weather.:D

Just kidding lol.

stubblejumper 09-19-2006 02:31 PM

RE: Ford F-150
Run out and buy that ford.Don't let the fact that Ford is laying off even more workers and restructuring yet again in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy effect your decision.After all ,even though Toyota passed Ford in totalsales in America last year,Ford should still survive for at least another restructure or two.As for myself,my new 2007 Tundra is already on order.

Ol JohnnyBoy 09-19-2006 04:57 PM

RE: Ford F-150
BDC that's classic...I was thinking, "what the heck do they need a heated tailgate for?", until I finished reading your post...good one.

Pistol Pete 101 09-20-2006 09:51 PM

RE: Ford F-150
Tires are the key to a good muddin truck.

brushbuster07 09-26-2006 05:40 PM

RE: Ford F-150
One good thing about Fords are that they're cheap to repair...there are spare parts layin all over the road!

heeze gutshot shortee 10-05-2006 04:47 PM

RE: Ford F-150 in the expedition while gas is cheap, can pick up an 03 F150 4x4 ext cab for bout expedition must be worth at least 13-18k

TheAngryGimp 10-07-2006 12:37 AM

RE: Ford F-150
Thank you Browning 1 for pointing out the painfully obvious topic that no one wants to discuss. Ford is "restructuring" in order to rid itself of the UAW, thank God. Folks buy the foreign vehicles for : quality, dependability, fuel economy and emissions. Yeah, the foreign stuff is expensive to fix but stuff that rarely breaks can afford to do that.

GM has the WORST emissions vehicles on the road; and, as a group, the worst fuel economy. In fact, they're worse now than they were 5 years ago, don't believe all that MPG crap they're bombarding you with in their ads. Ford has the best emissions and, believe it or not, the best overall fuel economy for domestic vehicles. Dodge is somewhere between the two.

From a redneck 35 acre, 5000 units going back to the '40'sjunkyard point of view:
Most AmericanTrucks in the Yard: Chevy, great sales over the past 40 years
Least AmericanTrucks in the Yard: Dodge, lousy sales until the '94 restyling

Most Major (tranny's and engines) Parts Sold of American Trucks: Chevy
Least MajorPartsSold of American Trucks: Ford

Most Odds 'n Ends Parts Sold: Chevy
Least Odds 'n Ends Parts Sold: Ford

Trucks in the Junkyard that died with the highest mileage: Toyota
Trucks in the Junkyard that died with the lowest mileage: Chevy

Trucks with worst rusted out beds: Ford
Trucks with least rusted out beds: Dodge

Most Suspension Parts Sold: Dodge 4x4
Least Suspension Parts Sold: Ford 4x4

Best Impact Trucks (trucks that had MAJOR wrecks and came out in great shape, meaning LOTSA good parts):Prior to '94Dodge
Worst Impact Trucks: After '94 Dodge

Trucks in the Yard with highest death toll: Chevy
Trucks in the Yard with lowest death toll: Ford

Are we detecting apattern here?? I could go on all night guys. Fact is, we all LOVE OUR TRUCKS!! I'm on my second Ranger. Lil 2wd, 5 spd, dohc 2.3L4 banger. It gets 28 mpg and 25 mpg pullin' my pop-up camper or my trailer (with my 4x4, 1800lb compact tractor on it!). Would I take it muddin'? Hell no! Ain't what it's for. Have an '89 4x4 f150for that.

But I gotta tell ya, after bein' in the auto and junk business for 15 years, the Fords have better records than Chevy or Dodge.

But if ya want a truck that'll last ya till your babies are in college, buy a Toyota.

If you want to give the French your hard earned moola, buy a Nissan (Renault owns 'em, BTW).

But no more GMs for me. I had a 94 Buick that was a great car, until you started adding up all the stupid things I had to replace on it to keep it road worthy (like the danged tranny @ 64,000 miles; the chime module, the weather stripping, the brakes, the stupid HORN, for cryin' out loud!). And no Chrysler products either. Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi are doing fine without my money.

I'll stick to Ford trucks and Honda Civics (our '94 has 210,000 miles, gets 42 mpg and all I do is change the oil).

And for those of you not worried about emissions?? Go to Houston TX in August and try to see the horizon; hell, go to west Texas, or Pensacola, FL and check out all that brown crap you see as you look to the sunset.

DANG, I got long-winded, sorry 'bout that...but the "no, you are" "NO, YOU are", "no, YOU are" stuff kinda gets my ire up.

stubblejumper 10-07-2006 09:57 AM

RE: Ford F-150

GM has the WORST emissions vehicles on the road; and, as a group, the worst fuel economy. In fact, they're worse now than they were 5 years ago, don't believe all that MPG crap they're bombarding you with in their ads. Ford has the best emissions and, believe it or not, the best overall fuel economy for domestic vehicles
Not as far as trucks are concerned.The most common engine on the 1/2 tontrucks where I live are the 5.3 gm and the 5.4 ford.The 5.3definitely gets better mileage than the 5.4.I have owned two gms and two fords and the gms average about 10% better mileage.This also agrees with the fuel mileage charts given out by Natural Resources Canada.

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